TLS Annual Gathering

Call for Labyrinth Images

Call for Labyrinth Images

Share your beautiful labyrinth creations — walkable, finger or artistic — with others by responding to the annual "Call for Images."

Each year we accept submissions of digital images for LABYRINTH IMAGES to be shown during the Annual Gathering. All images must be submitted in digital Jpeg/jpg format.

Our annual sharing of images helps us keep up to date with one another. Any TLS member may submit an image. The presentation of your images will be treated as sacred space, honoring and acknowledging labyrinths and their creators and caretakers. The presentation will be accompanied by meditative music and by a narrative. The narrative will be information that you supply.

Please send images of labyrinths, mazes, and labyrinth-inspired art with which you are involved. Whether permanent or temporary, outdoors or indoors, large or small, fancy or simple, all are invited. If your work was shown in a previous year and you want to submit it again, please do so. Your work will be new to many and an inspiration to all. TO BE INCLUDED IN THE 2015 LABYRINTH IMAGES, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES BY September 1, 2015.

Please limit images to no more than 6 pictures and images should be from recent works, 2013 and newer.

By submitting your images to The Labyrinth Society you are confirming that you possess the legal right or license to the images and that you authorize the Society to present your images at the 2015 Gathering in digital format.


Please send your precious images in the Jpeg (or Jpg) format. File sizes from 50K to 900K should be fine. If you can’t tell the type or size, go ahead and send your image and we will take a look. Do be aware that large pictures (digital files) can tie up an Internet connection. And please, no panoramas.

Please title each image with: A) Your name, B) The labyrinth name and/or site, C) The current year (2015). If the computer title does not have that much space, use your name followed by A, B, or C to key the image to your narrative. For example "Pat-A," "Pat-B," and "Pat-C," could refer to your narrative of that same title.

Please submit your narrative and digital images as email attachments NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1, 2015, and put "Member Labyrinth Images 2015 Gathering" in the subject line.  Submit images to Lars Howlett