TLS Annual Gathering

Pre- and Post- Gathering pilgrimages and activities

Vancouver Island Labyrinths Video.  All stops on the various pilgrimages are included in the video.

Pre and Post Gathering Pre-amble....planting seeds to walk in circles on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada,   “Labyrinths for Global Healing, Landscapes for the Soul.”

Greater Victoria Labyrinth Activities, September 16-17 (.pdf 406k)

Pre Gathering South Island Pilgrimage information (.pdf 71K)

Pre Gathering Nanaimo Pilgrimage information (.pdf 16K)

Post Gathering Pilgrimages (3) and schedules (.pdf 117K)

Maps and related information:

Victoria Labyrinths Map (.pdf 217K)

     Victoria Labyrinths Details (.pdf 17K)

South Vancouver Island Labyrinths Map (.pdf 595K)

     South Island Labyrinths Details (.pdf 41K)

Parksville Labyrinths Map (.pdf 250K)

     Parksville Labyrinths Details (.pdf 24K)

Cowichan Labyrinths Map (.pdf 235K)

     Cowichan Labyrinths Details (.pdf 17K)

     Gulf Islands and West Coast Labyrinths (.pdf 13K)

We invite you to plan your 2013 vacation around this remarkable Gathering offering. It is easy to spend 1-2 weeks on Vancouver Island touring, exploring and relaxing. Arriving in Victoria by plane or ferry on the 14th or 15th of September will give you a chance to explore this charming capital city, prior to beginning the Vancouver Island Pre-Gathering Labyrinth Pilgrimage. 

On September 16, 2013, Victoria labyrinth friends will host local labyrinth pilgrimages and welcome you to the Island.  You have the option of renting a car and following the pilgrimage maps at your own leisure or joining the organized pilgrimage on September 17th which will take you on this 3-day magnificent winding labyrinth journey up Island through vineyards, lavender fields, an eco-village and First Nations territory.

What you might see on your Pre-Gathering Tour through Cowichan - Video

Like a labyrinth, simply by putting one foot in front of the other and meeting others along the way, you will eventually reach the centre. From Thursday, September 19 to Saturday, September 21, 2013, at the Tigh Na Mara Resort, Parksville, BC, you can spend time receiving, sharing and marvelling at the gifts to be offered and created together during Gathering 2013. 

Events are planned around the tides, the full moon and the Autumnal Equinox.  This incredible journey continues on September 21 and 22 as you return from the centre along a post-Gathering path that winds its way North and West. Explore the beauty of the rain forests, world class beaches, and breathtaking mountain views, intermingled with labyrinth experiences. Be part of creating unforgettable journeys and friendships on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada; find labyrinths for global healing, landscapes for the soul.

Those whose time is more limited will also be able to experience the magic of Vancouver Island and participate in this dynamic Gathering on the beach!  Plan to arrive in Nanaimo or Victoria by plane or ferry, or Comox by plane on Wednesday September 18, and spend  luxurious nights at the Tigh Na Mara Resort or camp next door at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park. This option offers the opportunity to join our pre-Gathering tour in Nanaimo from 9:00 am -1:00 pm or pre-Gathering workshops on Thursday September 19, prior to afternoon registration for the main Gathering. 

An additional note:  On Friday, September 13, an event is being planned in the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth in Winnipeg, Canada, for registrants who wish to stop on their way to the Gathering. It is along the route for anyone coming from overseas, Eastern Canada or Eastern U.S. This is a  free event to TLS Gathering registrants   Please go to The Manitoba Labyrinth Network website for details and booking; this is an amazing opportunity, however separate from the main TLS Gathering.  To register, please email The Manitoba Labyrinth Network.

Free workshop Thursday afternoon, September 19th at 12:30 pm:

Kira VanDeusen

Sounding Between Land and Sea
Presenters: Kira VanDeusen, Les Blydo
The sand labyrinth at the equinox low tide is liminal space — between land and sea, with day and night in balance. Vocalizing communicates directly with physical and spiritual landscapes. Using simple non-verbal play, we create a moving tapestry of sound and silence, focusing energy for personal and global healing. And it’s fun!
PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is tide-sensitive and will be held from 12:30  -2:00 pm
Since 2002, Kira VanDeusen has been exploring ways to focus the mind and spirit through improvised cello and vocal music, interacting with labyrinth walkers as they “go deeper.” Later she became curious about what happens when walkers make their own non-verbal soundscape. This brought her to leading vocal workshops on both indoor and outdoor labyrinths since 2008. She is a certified teacher of improvisational music and a Veriditas-certified Labyrinth Facilitator. Visit Kira VanDeusen's website.  
Les Blydo lives in Vancouver BC, Canada. He has been exploring labyrinths and 'liminality' by drawing labyrinths on the foreshore of the Pacific Ocean for 5 years. He is a Veriditas-certified Labyrinth Facilitator. He paints labyrinths on canvas and wood panel and holds public labyrinth events which are publicized through various sites he maintains. Les has also created labyrinths for and collaborated with other artists, spiritual practitioners and organizations. Visit Les Blydo's blog