TLS Annual Gathering


Each year the planning committee for The Labyrinth Society Annual Gathering invites labyrinth facilitators, scholars, writers, artists, and creators to submit a written proposal for a presentation or workshop to be held during the TLS Annual Gathering. Collectively, the individual presentations address an overall agenda of technical, spiritual, and experiential practice at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.  

The 2014 Annual Gathering Theme

The theme of this year’s Gathering is "Embracing Liminal Space." The term "liminal" comes from the Latin word limen, meaning "threshold." We often speak of entering or exiting the labyrinth as stepping over a threshold. Journeying into any labyrinth asks that we embrace this liminal space: a place of not knowing, a place of waiting, a place in between that which we have known and that which is yet to be revealed. Members were asked to allow this theme to inform proposals they submitted.  

New Forms and a New Presentation Option
The proposal forms and process were revised with the aim of making the experience of submitting a proposal easier and even more user friendly. There were options to submit proposals for workshops, lectures, posters, and a new, shorter presentation category called "Mini Sessions." Each proposal was reviewed "blind" by the selection committee, i.e. without the names of the presenters attached to them, which ensures that selections werre made based on the quality of the proposal. 

Similar to previous years, a short description (or "abstract") of each accepted presentation will also be featured on the TLS members-only website after the event. This provides presenters a way of gaining recognition for their work and offers members an opportunity to review presentations after the Gathering has ended. Leaders of accepted presentations also have the option of submitting a PDF synopsis of PowerPoint slides for publication on the TLS members-only website after the Gathering.

The proposal forms were due no later than March 1, 2014.  In order to be considered, the presentation proposal form and presenter information form had to be completed in full and submitted by email attachment.

Benefits of Presenting at the Gathering:
n addition to recognition for presenting at an international conference and the opportunity to publish seminar synopses, presenters also receive an honorarium: $100 (US) for workshops, lectures and poster presentations, and $50 (US) for ‘Mini Sessions,’ (co-presenters share fees). In the event of multiple presenters for one session, the honorarium will be awarded to the individual designated as the lead presenter. The lead presenter will be the individual who completes and submits the presentation proposal form. It will be up to the presenters to negotiate sharing the compensation.

Additional Important Requirements:
At the time of the presentation in November, all presenters must be TLS members in good standing (membership dues paid) and registered attendees of the Gathering.

Presenters are responsible for providing all materials and handouts for presentations as well as laptop/LCD projector if needed for their presentation.  (In some cases a small materials fee may be requested from participants when the workshop involves creation of artwork to take home.)  Some AV equipment may be available for presenter's use. Contact the Workshop Chair to explore available options.

Questions?  Contact the Workshop Chair.

FORMS (Note, the deadline for submitting proposals has passed, NO new prepporals will be accepted for the 2014 Gathering):