TLS Annual Gathering

2017 Featured Speakers

Jeffrey Bale
The Making of the Bainbridge Island Labyrinth Mosaic

Jeffrey Bale has been a garden designer and stone artist for 30 years.  Growing up in Eugene, graduating from the School of Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon, and then moving to Portland, Oregon, he created an elaborate garden around his house where he taught himself how to build with stone.  Extensive world travel and the first hand study of design and craftsmanship of other cultures has had a considerable influence on his work.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, his style is heavily influenced by Nature and her patterns.  Stone mosaic requires great patience and a constant search for suitable stones.  The intricacy of the medium lead to a number of commissions, and eventually projects on Puget Sound, including a water cistern at Islandwood and an intricate mosaic labyrinth in 2013-14

Jeffrey will give an overview of his work leading up to the construction of the mosaic labyrinth on Bainbridge Island  and then go through the process of designing and building the labyrinth itself, with its symbolism and meaning revealed as each circuit was constructed.  This labyrinth is unusual in that it is a large, multi-colored stone mosaic constructed of diverse hand-collected local beach stone.  It is both a lunar calendar and a map of our solar system, with links to Tibetan numerology and incorporating hundreds of individual symbols dedicated to people who visited during its construction.  Walking this mosaic labyrinth is a path through time and space, the four seasons, mythology, and our connection to the universe.

Visit the Jeffrey Bale's blog to learn more about his work.


Denny DykeDenny Dyke
My Journey on the Sandy Path

Denny Dyke is a labyrinth artist who creates walkable art on the beach. He will share his story with a visual slideshow presentation and discussion about creating with nature and understanding the metaphysical aspects of the labyrinth.

Denny moved to the southern coast of Oregon in 2007 and drew his first labyrinth in the sand on the beach at Whiskey Run in Bandon. Since then, his work has continued to grow and in 2011 he created a special project called Circles in the Sand. Denny started creating hand-drawn labyrinths on the sandy beaches of the coast of southern Oregon. The intent of Circles in the Sand is to build temporary labyrinths that everyone can enjoy and have a better understanding of what a labyrinth is. Denny now holds regular public labyrinth drawing events on the beaches in Oregon where the sandy path is created to allow everyone to experience the labyrinth while enjoying the sound of the waves and energy of the beach.

 View a video of Denny's amazing creations and visit the Circles in the Sand webpage for more information.