TLS Annual Gathering

2018 Featured Speakers

Richard Feather Anderson
How We Got Here: Steps that Led to TLS

Hear about the early gestation of what is now known as the labyrinth revival, from one who innocently helped to ignite the spark, motivated by purely personal fascination. Richard Feather Anderson will share stories of what it was like trying to get hesitant people to set foot in a totally unfamiliar, mysterious object; to explore and document what happened to people when they did; and to figure out how to lay labyrinths out on the ground so the path could be walked. How did re-birthing labyrinths within the American community of dowsers and geomancers influence the direction we took in the early days? Richard Feather will also reveal how the labyrinth transformed him and, in so doing, radically changed his conception of what the labyrinth was all about. He will review his early visions of the labyrinth’s potential, and discuss how the global community has met many, but not all, of those dreams. Thinking about the future, what potentials are we missing, and how can we fulfill them?

Richard Feather Anderson was one of the earliest instigators of the “Labyrinth Revival” in America. Since 1982 he’s been educating and inviting people to enter the path of the labyrinth. He laid out some of the first labyrinths made available to the public, introduced American dowsers and geomancers to them, conducted a research project on their benefits from 1986-89. He designed the first permanent labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA, and taught in the Veriditas Chartres Pilgrimage in 2000. When he designs sanctuaries for labyrinths, he draws on wisdom from geomancy, Feng Shui, environmental psychology, and sacred geometry.

Jeff Saward
Sowing Early Seeds of Connection

Jeff Saward was first captivated by the labyrinth in 1976, and founded Caerdroia, the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths in 1980. Now in continuous publication for over 35 years, Caerdroia has become an internationally respected forum for news, views, new research, and archival material. Many years of searching for labyrinths and mazes has taken Jeff around Europe - from the shores of the Mediterranean to the high Arctic - to India and around America on numerous occasions. His collection of photographs is unrivalled. Widely considered the world authority on the history and development of mazes and labyrinths, he has lectured extensively in the UK, Europe, and the USA to both enthusiast and academic groups. Jeff has also contributed articles to numerous journals and magazines, worked with journalists and producers for numerous features in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on radio and television broadcasts in the UK, Europe, USA, and Canada.

His extensive knowledge of the subject has ensured that he is frequently consulted to provide information, illustrations and photographs for many of the books on mazes and labyrinths, as well as documentation for archaeological projects, student research, and restorations of historical mazes and labyrinths. He has also designed and built a number of labyrinths and mazes for clients in the UK, Europe, America, and India, and also administers the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website on behalf of the Labyrinth Society and Veriditas.