TLS Annual Gathering

Poster Presentations

The 2018 Annual Gathering schedule will include Poster Presentations on Saturday afternoon. 

Planting the Seeds of Critical Thinking
Ruth Bavin, Shelley Byrne, Kelly McAteer
Are you working within an educational setting? Have you found your students’ reflective assignments somewhat superficial? Are you interested in developing your students’ reflective practice? This poster session offers insights from our experience of introducing labyrinth walking to scaffold the development of students’ and staff’s reflective thinking skills within a Higher Education Institution in the UK.

Ruth Bavin is a Christian, environmentalist, educational developer and full-time university lecturer, with a passion for walking and working with labyrinths. Facilitating labyrinth walks for a number of years within retreat settings in the UK, Ruth has also been instrumental in launching a labyrinth project to deepen staff and student reflection in UK Higher Education setting. Her experience gained in working in universities, colleges, schools and not-for-profit education both in the UK and internationally, has also enabled her to present at conferences including SEDA: ‘The labyrinth - A reflective space in which to explore peer perspectives on learning gain’.

Shelley Byrne is a linguist, educational developer and full-time lecturer in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at the University of Central Lancashire. Shelley is an experienced workshop facilitator and conference presenter but has more recently become a labyrinth facilitator. She has been involved in teaching English to international students and has published and presented in this area including international workshops. Language testing and corpus linguistics is a continuing area of interest and her doctoral research formed the basis for a book: Successful spoken English: Finding from learner corpora. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Kelly McAteer is a psychologist, and educational developer working full-time with the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the University of Central Lancashire. Kelly is an experienced lecturer, workshop facilitator and conference presenter who is passionate about student engagement. She has a continuing regard for the application of applied sport psychology to coaching and performance with a particular interest in elite performers in motor sports.

Promoting Local Labyrinths at the Smallest Museum: Cross-Pollinating Collaborations
Presenter: Conie Borchardt
Three Labyrinth Society members curated and installed a mini-exhibit of local labyrinths in the Smallest Museum, a vintage fire hose cabinet re-imagined as a public art space. Learn about their proposal, see pictures of the installation and public reception, experience some of the finger labyrinths and ask questions.

Conie Borchardt is a listener, a vibration, and a heartist walking labyrinths for 20+ years and installing temporary ones for about 10. She is a leader of song and dance, grateful for the rich practices Dances of Universal Peace and Music that Makes Community have offered her and that she now shares with others. Conie also facilitates connections between art, spirituality, sound, movement, healing, and invites others into playful and authentic expressions of creative being.

Fleet Landing’s Labyrinth: One Senior Community’s Journey to Plant and Cultivate Common Ground
Kathryn A. McLean
In a polarized and rapidly changing culture, and with an increasingly diverse group of new residents moving in, an active senior living community set out on a discernment journey to find out if a community labyrinth could be an effective common ground space for residents from many walks of life.

Kathryn McLean is from Jacksonville, Florida. She is is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Board Certified Chaplain, Spiritual Director, Veriditas Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, retreat leader, and serves on the Veriditas Council and TLS Research Committee. Her poster presentation is based on her research in a Doctor of Ministry program at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL. She enjoys accompanying communities and congregations in their journeys to initiate and integrate the labyrinth as a transformative and community sustaining practice.

Integrating Labyrinths on the Autism Spectrum
Lisa Gidlow Moriarty
Karner Blue is a uniquely designed school serving students with Autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and cognitive disabilities. Some of the ways these special students are served involves the use of a multitude of labyrinths. Both indoors and out, students walk the labyrinths with feet or hands to enhance calming, listening and focus. Unique designs and methods will be presented.

Lisa Gidlow Moriarty is an artist, professional labyrinth maker, advanced labyrinth facilitator, and certified mediator. She has made hundreds of labyrinths, from room-size canvas portable labyrinths to permanent concrete installations, and her work can be found internationally in hospitals, schools, churches and more. Lisa is the owner of Paths of Peace in Stillwater, MN, where she is caretaker of 15 outdoor labyrinths and a fleet of canvas rentals. She sells exquisitely detailed Chartres replica finger labyrinths as well as other designs in wood, metal and jewelry, on her website, and leads international spiritual pilgrimages to sacred sites.

The Companion of the Labyrinth in Spiritual Direction
C. Diane Rudebock
In this poster presentation, the similarities of experiencing the labyrinth and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius are explored. As a trained Spiritual Director and Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, the labyrinth has been a natural companion during sessions of Spiritual Direction because it offers a space for contemplation and reflection, not only for the directee, but for the Spiritual Director.

Diane Rudebock is a Registered Nurse and Professor Emerita in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in Edmond, OK. As a trained Ignatian Spiritual Director, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, she conducts workshops and retreats promoting a holistic approach to wellness for overall life balance. She is Resource VP and Research Chair of TLS. She coordinated the UCO campus labyrinth project resulting in the creation of an 11-circuit medieval paver labyrinth and continues to be involved with campus labyrinth research studies.

The Discovery, Design, and Mind-boggling Nature of “Labyrinth Clusters”
Tom Vetter
Explore with me an exciting, new labyrinth category, which I call “Labyrinth Clusters”. A Labyrinth Cluster is a finite population of labyrinth variations, derived from a shared “gene pool” according to a simple set of rules. I’ll show how to create them and share examples. (My “Milky Way Cluster” matches the number of stars in our Galaxy—over 300 billion!)

Tom Vetter has been creating unique, temporary labyrinths in Minnesota and elsewhere for over ten years. His favorite “stomping ground” is where the Labyrinth intersects with Art, Mathematics, and Spirituality, and he is actively engaged in exploring and discovering new possibilities in this fertile territory. He likes to share his newfound treasures—beautiful labyrinth designs, clever labyrinth tools and construction methods, even (not-so-funny) labyrinth jokes and stories! And he welcomes your questions.

The Gathering Journey: The Labyrinth of Time, Space, and Relationships
Kay Whipple
It takes over two years to plan and put on a Gathering, from choosing the space to the final goodbyes to wrap-ups and evaluating for next year. This Poster Presentation uses the labyrinth to describe the journey of planning a Gathering, preparation steps, conducting the Gathering, and the aftermath that people don’t usually think about. It is like the 3 steps of a labyrinth walk and what is encountered along the way. It is an eye-opening exercise into what it takes to put on a Gathering.

Kay Whipple, as part of Labyrinth Quest with Harriette Royer, has co-created multi-sensory events and workshops which combine the labyrinth with hands-on healing, sacred sound, journaling, and art. She is currently President of the Labyrinth Society and a member of its Gathering Steering Committee and Finance Committee.
Kay Whipple holds a BS in Computer Science, Large Scale Systems Engineering, and Industrial Management from Purdue University and an MBA in Marketing and Economics from the University of Rochester, Simon School. She is a long-time writer, book publisher, computer and business consultant, project manager, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and student of energy.