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Woodstock, Illinois

Woodstock is the county seat of McHenry County, Illinois, United States, located  northwest of Chicago. 

Woodstock celebrates Groundhog Day and the making of the Bill Murray movie. Woodstock was transformed to play the part of Punxsutawney, PA. Each year they have a festival with a dinner dance, free showings of the movie and walking tour of some of the sites used in the filming back in 1992.

More from the Real Woodstock website:
Home to 24,800 people. 389 businesses. 25 churches (including a Buddhist Temple.) Woodstock, Illinois, is a true Midwestern city where community and quality of life are values that are revealed in every street and sidewalk. Beginning in the center of its historic Square and moving out to its farm-cushioned edge, Woodstock is unique - a place that its citizens are proud to call home and visitors fall in love with.  So whether you come because of the culture, entertainment, countryside, business opportunities, or just to be a part of its Victorian charm, Woodstock offers a million reasons to stay.

Historic Opera House

Forty-seven miles from Chicago, Woodstock, is on the edge of the Chicago metropolitan area. We're close to the city with a small town, rural personality all our own. Rich with Victorian architecture, a town square that seems frozen in time, and a world-renowned Opera House, Woodstock also has an independent streak brimming with creativity. We have the state's largest concentration of apple orchards and berry farms. Our weekly Farmers' Market is ranked one of Illinois' best. Our school system is a leader in dual language education. Artists and locally-owned businesses are embraced. And music, whether rock, folk, jazz, country or classical, fills the air indoors and out most every night.

Here, you will find historic charm, from Victorian architecture to Orson Welles to the birthplace of Dick Tracy. You can shop at locally-owned boutiques, dine at numerous restaurants, relax at one of our many bars, and enjoy live music indoors and out