TLS Annual Gathering

Friday AM Pre-Gathering - Dowsing Workshop with Marty Cain

We enjoyed a Pre-Gathering Workshop on Dowsing with Marty Cain

FRIDAY MORNING - Pre-Gathering Workshop

October 5, 2018
9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Come learn how dowsing works.  Leave with the skill to site your labyrinth in harmony with all life in the universe.  You will be able to use dowsing for any project as well as to work with the elemental kingdom.  Enjoy stories and images from Marty’s years of experience creating over a hundred labyrinths.  She will answer your questions and share many handouts.  Tools will be available for use or purchase.   Expect a fun and empowering three hours!

Marty Cain, a founding member of The Labyrinth Society, collaborates with earth energies and angelic realms to co-create sacred spaces for individuals and institutions.  Her labyrinth designs are located across North America, as well as Hawaii, Canada, Brazil, and South Africa. Marty learned dowsing from her grandfather, Frank Witkus.  After attending the American Society of Dowser's convention in Vermont in 1986, she became a life member.  She co-directed the National Convention’s Beginning School for six years and served on the Board of Trustees as secretary and co-vice president. Marty presents labyrinth and dowsing workshops, consults, writes, and creates visual art.