TLS Annual Gathering

2022 Concurrent Lectures and Workshops

The following is a list of the concurrent learning sessions that were offered at the 2022 Annual Gathering. A Call for proposals for the next Annual Gathering will open in early 2023.


Walking Like Trees: Weaving Native & Celtic Stories
Barrie Carter Gibby
How can we interweave the branches and roots of Native American and Celtic tree wisdom into the changing stories of our lives? Celebrate Native American “Standing People” and Celtic Tree Zodiac birth time, whose lunar cycles echo labyrinth quadrants, tree seasons and our own. Gather to honor your birth tree, ancient stories, chants, symbols and take-away labyrinth rituals.

Barrie Carter Gibby works on that creative edge between the branches of words and movement expression. A long-time educator, community builder, avid traveler, writer and labyrinth facilitator, Barrie interweaves her background in design, music, theater production and ritual making to facilitate workshops and spiritual pilgrimages across the nation on a variety of themes. Her annual pilgrimage to the 13th c. Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France, provides inspiration for her ongoing passion of her labyrinth work. As a Veriditas Advanced Trained Facilitator and Accredited Presenter, Barrie finds sacred spaces everywhere.

Weaving Supportive Womb Spaces Around Our Labyrinths: Deepening Our Stories
Richard Feather Anderson
I will share my realization that how deep a story we pull out of our labyrinth experiences depends in large part on how well we create womb-like “containers” around the pathway. Learn how to weave nine essential design elements into the surroundings, to provide optimum support for more focused and meaningful, meditative or transformative experiences.

Richard Feather Anderson was one of the earliest instigators of the “Labyrinth Revival” in America. Since 1982 he’s been educating and inviting people to enter the path of the labyrinth. He laid out some of the first labyrinths made available to the public, introduced American dowsers and geomancers to them, conducted a research project on their benefits from 1986-89, designed the first permanent labyrinths in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, and taught in the Veriditas Chartres Pilgrimage in 2000. When he designs sanctuaries for labyrinths, he draws on wisdom from geomancy, feng shui, and environmental psychology.

Every Labyrinth has a Story
Lisa Gidlow Moriarty
Perhaps you have a favorite labyrinth you’ve visited, or a special memory of one you regularly use. Maybe you’ve designed your own labyrinth or used artwork to create a unique labyrinth collage. Every labyrinth has a story, one that hints at the deeper wisdom within. Come hear the stories of some unique labyrinths, and consider, create and share a story of your own.

Lisa Gidlow Moriarty is an artist, master labyrinth maker, Veriditas Advanced facilitator, and TLS past president. As the owner of Paths of Peace, Lisa has designed and installed labyrinths professionally for over 20 years, making hundreds of labyrinths, from canvas portables to permanent concrete installations. On her website, she sells exquisitely detailed Chartres replica finger labyrinths and other designs in wood, metal and jewelry. Lisa leads labyrinth making workshops, tours, and spiritual pilgrimages to international sacred sites, including an annual women's walking pilgrimage to Chartres, France. She has a passion for leading others on the creative journey.


Your Life in a Line Design
Sue Anne Foster 
This process of designing your personal story into a line design begins by identifying 5-10 highlights & an equal number difficult challenges from birth to the present. We will chart this unique data and connect the points to form one line. With art materials we will fill in with color and mount . Sharing these stories is a powerful option.

Sue Anne Foster has a Masters in Art Therapy & Ph.D. in Education, and has taught the LifeLine Project to many people .Students always report that it was one of the most powerful experiences of all their art encounters. Her labyrinth history dates back to New Mexico and the first gathering of labyrinth enthusiasts. Like many, the labyrinth found her at Grace Cathedral after having

 seen it in a dream. She has had a large labyrinth in her yard since 1998 and has hosted three conferences in Sacramento and attended a number of national venues. Sue Anne is a sculptor and a member of High Hand Gallery in Loomis, CA. Her art includes labyrinth related designs.

A Labyrinth Pilgrimage Designed for Men in Search of The Divine Feminine
Mary Moskoff
The pilgrimage was designed for male faculty at a K through 12 school which recently received a labyrinth. The men who would be facilitating the school labyrinth were directed by the President of the school to deepen their awareness of the Divine feminine within them and embody the feminine archetype of the labyrinth. The pilgrim's path started with encounters with Goddess energy in the deep Paleo caves, Black Madonna sites and Chartres Labyrinth.

Mary Moskoff, PhD, DMIN,  has been a labyrinth facilitator since 1999.She trained at Grace Cathedral with Lauren Artress and her first visit to the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth was in 2000 for a program called "A Walk with Mary" .The labyrinth has been an alchemical path for Mary leading to deep study and passion for the sacred. While attending a Veriditas program at Chartres that was led by Mathew Fox, Mary decided to begin a second doctorate, this time in Labyrinthian Mysteries at Matthew"s Creation and Spirituality University. This commitment led her to a new cosmological way of seeing the world. This labyrinth seeding has enhanced by work as a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor.

Weaving Our Luminous Stories of Peace
 Sandra Wasko-Flood
Walk a light-up labyrinth to weave your Stories of Peace. Choose your favorite design to walk on templates of earth, air, fire or water; surround images of where to walk --ocean, mountains; and overhead images--clouds, stars. Experience this traveling version of the Sedona, Arizona Luminous Labyrinth Center for Peace

Sandra Wasko-Flood’s vision in the Great Kiva of Chaco Nature National Historical Park, New Mexico (1991) led her to become a founding member of The Labyrinth Society, direct its first project, “Labyrinths for Peace: 2000” on the East Lawn of the U.S. Capitol; create the art/technology “Dance of the Labyrinth” with images that light up to your steps (1994), found the non-profit organization, Living Labyrinths for Peace (2005). LL4P’s goal is to build a Luminous Labyrinth Center for Peace in Sedona, Arizona, with light-up images: floor, surround and overhead for peace workshops.


Weave Your Story into a Mandala
Ansula Press
Mandala in Sanskrit means “sacred circle”. In this workshop, participants will learn to draw mandalas, recording their own story in a sacred circle. Just as labyrinths provide a meditation space, mandalas hold us within their circular energy in the same way. All art materials will be provided; no experience is necessary. Everyone will take home their own mandala.

Ansula Press learned the art of Mandala in India 26 years ago. Despite her master’s degree in art and her career as a museum educator and craft curator, she had not been so taken with an art form as she was with Mandala. It captivated her. She has taught many Mandala workshops in and around Portland, Oregon, where she lives. Her Mandala cards and finger labyrinths are always offered at the TLS Gathering auction. She is also the originator of the Genesa Labyrinth, the solar powered night labyrinth that has been at several TLS Gatherings. 

The Woodland Labyrinth and Memorial
Katja Marquart
The Woodland Labyrinth and Memorial was commissioned by a church community to create a unique space for celebrating the lives of deceased parishioners. In the space they want an area for reflection, relaxation, and ceremony, featuring a labyrinth and a custom sculpture. This session presents the planning, design, and installation of this project from start to finish.

Katja Marquart holds an MFA in Design Studies from UW – Madison, is a professor in the Division of Interior Architecture, School of Design, at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and served as Treasurer for The Labyrinth Society. Her creative work includes custom environmental design services, specializing in labyrinth design and installation. Katja has been engaged in labyrinth-related activities for over 20 years, is a Veriditas-trained Labyrinth Facilitator, and is trained at the Reiki Master level. In addition to her passion for labyrinths, Katja enjoys gardening and playing in outside, yoga, and spending time with her family.

Stories as A Path to Healing: Lessons from the Miller's Daughter
Robin B. Dilley
This ancient tale, layered with Celtic lore, unfolds as the Maiden finds her way through betrayal, dismemberment and into wholeness. Her story is your story. This workshop focuses on strengths, spirituality, and your personal journey. Come and explore these themes as you discover new ways of seeing and releasing through storytelling, journaling, and a labyrinth exercise.

Dr. Robin B. Dilley is an Arizona Licensed Psychologist, Author and Advanced Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. This year she started Arizona Labyrinth Connections as an extension of her psychotherapy practice. Dr. Dilley is a gifted workshop facilitator that is able to take the essence of a story and pull from it healing themes that empower participants. She can make the magic of healing look effortless as the participants enter the mystery of the Labyrinth, practice guided imagery, and open their hearts to change. She is available for psychotherapy, consulting, speaking and workshops. Contact her at