TLS Annual Gathering

For reflection - The 2019 Concurrent Lectures and Workshops

The 2019 Annual Gathering has concluded, and we are working on details for the 2020 Gathering. The Call for 2020 workshop presentations closed on March 1st and the selection committee is currently working to determine 2020 concurrent presentations.  In the meantime, the information on what was offered in 2019 is provided here for your reflection:

Saturday Afternoon 1:15 - 2:45 pm

Walking the Medieval Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral: A Journey of the Heart  
MJ McGregor
Constructed over 800 years ago, little is documented about the experience of walking the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral. In this session, MJ McGregor, presents the findings of her dissertation research and poignant responses of contemporary research participants.  This medieval labyrinth offers a sacred space to make connections with oneself and others.  A Chartres-pattern labyrinth is included.

MJ McGregor was introduced to a Chartres pattern lawn labyrinth 1998 that captured her heart. In 2003, she walked the medieval stone labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral and it changed her life. Since 2008, MJ has presented retreats and pilgrimages in Chartres, France, where she and her husband seasonally reside in their 15th century pied-a-terre. 
MJ is an English-speaking guide for Chartres Cathedral. Each fall, she and Lisa Moriarty co-guide a walking pilgrimage from Notre-Dame de Paris to Notre-Dame de Chartres.
As an advanced labyrinth facilitator, MJ facilitates a monthly “Walking in Harmony” at Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality, St. Paul, MN. 

Pain Relief, Relaxation, Mindfulness and Fun! A Self-Care Program
Holly Carnegie Letcher
Are you a health care professional, educator, healer, or labyrinth enthusiast? A six session program outline has been developed using the labyrinth as a core teaching tool, supporting the rewiring of mind/body/heart connection for physical and emotional pain management.  Experience a sampling of this self-care series, including therapeutic sound, energy medicine, and positive intention group focus. 

Holly Carnegie Letcher is an Occupational Therapist who has been using labyrinths in her practice for 19 years. Holly is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Western Canada Rep, TLS member, Energy Keeper and Regional Rep. Holly Co-Chaired TLS Gathering in 2013, and she has presented at several Gatherings and the 25th IPRA Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 with TLS colleagues. Holly offers 1:1 therapy at home, in office, phone consults, group work, and facilitates Labyrinth Pilgrimages on Vancouver Island, Canada, enhancing life’s journey.

Creating a Memory Gathering Book
Karen Knight
The experience of walking a labyrinth--the preparation, the walking and the processing afterwards--is worthy of recording. In this workshop, participants will choose materials, create, and bind a book to be used to gather those memories, blessings, and experiences.

Karen Knight Price, M.Div.,makes her home on a small goat farm in Michigan with her ever encouraging husband, Dave, where they live with a variety of animals. Karen is both a certified labyrinth facilitator and SoulCollage(c) facilitator, prize winning speaker, hopeful author, and terrible ukulele player. Karen is a crafter of all things colorful and brings richness and joy to her life and those around her. Karen is also very proud of her grown children, Arden and Nicholas.

Reaching Out to a Wider World
Clive Johnson
A widespread love for the labyrinth, and efforts to introduce it to new communities remains largely limited to just a few countries. Training costs, cultural associations, and language barriers are among possible barriers. In this important workshop, Clive Johnson introduces a major new initiative to reach out to the wider world and suggests ways for sowing seeds.

Clive Johnson is a spiritual counselor, interfaith minister, and author of more than 10 books, including ones on labyrinth and spirituality topics. He is a Veriditas facilitator and a UK Representative for TLS. A born rebel and outsider, he is passionate about encouraging inclusivity, especially among those who often find themselves as minorities within larger groups. He has built several virtual labyrinth-related communities, and he is committed to exploring how new opportunities might be taken to build communities among people who live or work in isolated locations. Clive is creator of ‘Labyrinth Around America’ and ‘A Prayer for America.’

Saturday Afternoon 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Walking with the Black Madonna on a Journey to the Heart
Calen Rayne and Laura Esculcas
The Black Madonna is an archetype for our times. Based on the twelve gifts of the Black Madonna as expressed by Matthew Fox, we will experience how the Black Madonna is re-emerging in our personal lives and the cultural sphere that contains us. We will walk a labyrinth in resonance with energy of a 17th century black Madonna from Europe. 

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne is a Unitarian Universalist Lay Community Minister, Director of Institutional Energetics for Ubiquity University, and co-founder of Earth Shamans. He is a Veriditas Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator and member of Veriditas Council. Calen builds labyrinths, designs/consults on sacred landscapes, and is experienced with reiki, kaballah, energy healing, Himalayan singing bowl, earth energies, feng shui, dowsing, contemplative brush, Egyptian Biogeometry, alchemy, sacred geometry, Druid geomancy, medical intuitive work. He trained with alchemists of the first religion of the Himalayas (nameless religion), known as “patterns of heaven and earth.

Laura Esculcas leads pilgrimages in Portugal and is co-founder of EarthShamans. She is a Veriditas Advanced Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Veriditas Faculty, member of Veriditas Council, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Certified Sacred Landscapes and Intuitive Feng Shu Consultant, and leadership and spiritual development coach. She holds both an M.A. in Wisdom Studies and a B.A. in Chemical Engineering. A self-proclaimed “life adventurer,” Laura believes in bringing a sense of the sacred to everyday living. Originally from the US where she worked in Silicon Valley for over 10 years in high tech operations and management, Laura now lives near Lisbon, Portugal. 

Ceremonial and Processional Labyrinths
Presenter: Mark Healy
Join Mark for an inspiring hour while he shares his deep knowledge and passion for Ceremonial and Processional Labyrinths. Showcasing three of his own designs, Mark will guide you through the intricacies of experiencing and facilitating labyrinth ceremonies for large groups, suitable for festivals, weddings, hand fasting, business deals, and separations. Mark’s presentation will leave you with a greater understanding and capacity to lead your own experiential walk.

Mark Healy who has a 40-year working life as a nurseryman, landscaper, bio dynamic farmer, permaculture designer, builder, healer, group facilitator, and artist, has always been highly creative. For 24 years Mark has been inspiring, designing, and creating labyrinths, sacred symbol gardens as landscape features, and he shares his Labyrinth love with a large audience creating labyrinth art installations at festivals. Mark has founded The Labyrinth Collective, is a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator, and is Co-founder/ Vice President of the Australia Labyrinth Network.

The Interconnected Spiral of Light
Meryl Ann Butler
Under the expert and playful guidance of a longtime artist, art teacher, labyrinth-maker, and author, participants create light-infused drawings which fit together to form a macrocosmic spiral of surprisingly interrelated art. This mural art can be displayed during the event to inspire both participants and viewers with the beauty of interconnection before participants take their pieces home. 

Author and artist, Meryl Ann Butler, owns Ocean View Arts, a studio and school where she creates and teaches. She has been building labyrinths and facilitating labyrinth workshops since 1992 and is a founding member of TLS. She created the first labyrinth at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in 1996. She is Managing Editor of OpEdNews, with over 2 million views of her work, which includes a 13-part series on labyinths. Aka “Runs with Glitter,” she is an exuberant and popular facilitator known for sprinkling the creative process with joy and delight.

If Only I Had a Heart
Robin Dilley
Come to life and heal heart wounds in the workshop, If Only I had a Heart. This workshop will explore metaphors and life lessons from the Tin Man in the iconic story, The Wizard of Oz. Come experience this story like never before and learn to transform your sadness into joy with a trip down the Yellow Brick Road.

Dr. Robin B. Dilley, the author of several books, including In a Moment’s Notice: A Psychologist’s Journey with Breast Cancer, is a clinical psychologist with 35 years of experience working with people’s unique stories.  She is an advanced Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator and presents healing workshops as adjunctive therapy tools. Her eclectic approach to psychotherapy and as a workshops presenter allow her to use stories, metaphors, and experiential exercises to help clients discover resources for change and transformation.   

Sunday Morning 8:30 - 10:00 am

Group Dynamics: Incorporating the Labyrinth into Corporate Training Programs
Jane Marie Downey
This workshop, taught by a seasoned corporate trainer and labyrinth facilitator, will examine how to use the labyrinth to teach meditation techniques to new audiences.  This program will review labyrinth facilitation techniques for non spiritual group environments and focus on approaches to mindfulness.

Jane Downey, is a well-known leadership trainer and frequent public speaker.  Her consulting firm, Clarity Concepts, provides leadership, team, innovation skills, and communications training.  The firm also has a significant practice in risk consulting. Jane served for two years as board chair of Mentoring for the Forum of Executive Women. Jane is certified in Labyrinth Facilitation from Veriditas.Jane is a summa cum laude graduate of Temple’s Fox School of Business. Jane also obtained her Masters in Education with Honors from Temple in Psychoeducational Processes. She has served as adjunct faculty at Temple, Penn State and Gwynedd Mercy Universities. 

Realizing the Full Potential of the Classic Labyrinth
Richard Feather Anderson
Have we realized the full potential of the connections between the seven circuits of the classic labyrinth and the seven chakras or states of consciousness? Utilizing the path’s unique sequence through the chakras, which makes opening the compassionate heart the key to transformation, could become one of our most effective exercises to shift humanity into a heart-centered consciousness.

Richard Feather Anderson was one of the earliest instigators of the “Labyrinth Revival” in America. Since 1982 he’s been educating and inviting people to enter the path of the labyrinth. He laid out some of the first labyrinths made available to the public, introduced American dowsers and geomancers to them, conducted a research project on their benefits from 1986-89, designed the first permanent labyrinths in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, and taught in the Veriditas Chartres Pilgrimage in 2000. When he designs sanctuaries for labyrinths, he draws on wisdom from geomancy, feng shui, environmental psychology, and sacred geometry.

Using SoulCollage© to Enhance Your Labyrinth Walk
Presenter: Karen Knight
Be introduced to the practice of SoulCollage(c) as a means of spiritual growth and then pair that with walking a labyrinth. In SoulCollage(c), one makes use of published images that stir the soul, awaken the heart, and call to the core of the one who cares to grow. Each participant will create a SoulCollage(c) card to be used in a labyrinth walk.

Karen Knight Price, M.Div.,makes her home on a small goat farm in Michigan with her ever encouraging husband, Dave, where they live with a variety of animals. Karen is both a certified labyrinth facilitator and SoulCollage(c) facilitator, prize winning speaker, hopeful author, and terrible ukulele player. Karen is a crafter of all things colorful and brings richness and joy to her life and those around her. Karen is also very proud of her grown children, Arden and Nicholas.

Healing the Heart of Ancestral Issues
Toby Evans
The Energy Medicine technique of clearing and balancing the chakras will be combined with the labyrinth to facilitate healing the heart of long-standing karmic and ancestral issues. As the conduit, you will receive and transmit the healing needed to reclaim your sovereign-self while releasing your relations. 

With the installation of "The Prairie Labyrinth" in 1995, Toby Evans expanded her art to the energetic field, focusing on the land in sacred reciprocity with balancing mind, body, and spirit. The Labyrinth became the catalyst for her work in assisting earthbound souls. A spiritual con-souling practice evolved (counseling and consulting from the Soul’s perspective). Toby is an artist, a founding member of the Labyrinth Society and the Art Line Project. She is the author of "Dead, But Not Gone: Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home", "Keeper of the Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness", and "Chakra Labyrinth Cards."

Sunday Morning 10:15 - 11:15 am

The Heart of Campus: A Library Labyrinth for Community Connections
Jennifer DeJonghe and Michelle Filkins
Learn about the development and myriad uses of a labyrinth housed on the grounds of an urban university library. More than a curricular tool, the labyrinth is an extension of the community focus of a joint-use, public/academic library partnership, and a place where learners, scholars, and neighborhood residents all find a communal and reflective space.

Jennifer DeJonghe is a librarian and professor at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She teaches courses in Information Studies and Liberal studies to a diverse student population and assists scholars at the research help desk. Jennifer is also a member of the university labyrinth committee and was part of a team that installed the labyrinth on campus.  She lives in Minneapolis with her two young sons, where she is an avid gardener and wilderness adventurer. 

Michelle Filkins is a Professor and Reference and Instruction Librarian at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, MN. She is a founding editor of Spout Press, a literary nonprofit press. A strong advocate for the mission and value of libraries, she serves on the board of the Friends of Library group for her community library and has volunteered as a tutor and mentor with St. Paul Public Libraries since 2006. She is also a Little Free Library steward. Her research interests include space theory in poetry, copyright, academic integrity in higher education, the publishing industry, public spaces, and labyrinths. 

Labyrinthine Connections Between  Dante and Raphael
Eloise Philpot
Labyrinthine Connections between Dante and Raphael 
In Dante’s Inferno, Homer leads Dante, Virgil, and other poets through seven gates to an assembly of philosophers. Drawing a classical labyrinth over, “The School of Athens” reveals a Labyrinthine connection. Raphael’s philosophers meander a labyrinth. The architecture forms the seven gates. This power point presentation shares this discovery.

Eloise Philpot is a professor of art at Radford University. Her research involves the symbolic form of the Labyrinth as a visual art. Her research question asks: "Is the original intent of the labyrinth still in use today? 

Building Circles of Connection
Ansula Press and members of the Liminal Space Society of Portland, Oregon
The Liminal Space Society, a cohort of labyrinth enthusiasts in Portland, Oregon, offers a one-hour workshop and  Powerpoint presentation. Six founders will discuss creating regular public offerings dedicated to exploring threshold experiences to build common ground and expand the reach of the labyrinth. The LSS's approach, to "invite re-enchantment of self & community" is offered as a model. 

Ansula Press is the originator of the illuminated Genesa Labyrinth and a mandala artist.  She is a retired museum educator and curator.

Randall Stuart is the founder and artistic director of Cerimon House, a nonprofit arts and humanities organization in Portland, OR.  He is an arts and humanities visiting professor and theater director.

Additional members of the Liminal Space Society: Jodi Lorimer, author; Stephen Shibley, labyrinth builder; Traci Mc.Merritt, landscape architect and labyrinth artist; Sandra Grace Walden, TLS energy keeper and spiritual guide.