TLS Annual Gathering

Friday PM - Metalwork Journal Making Workshop

Friday Afternoon Pre-Gathering Workshop
12:30 to 3:30 pm
Separate Pre-Registration Required (includes $25 for materials)

Make a Lasting Impression: Create a Repoussé Journal
With Sue Anne Foster

Before weaving the strands of our life into a story, it helps to identify and record our experiences, feelings, and inspirations through journaling. Create with us a unique repoussé  aluminum cover for your own personal labyrinth journal. Use it to integrate the threads of your life into a meaningful whole while labyrinth walking during the conference and after returning home. 

Sue Anne Foster, Ph.D of Carmichael, California is an exhibiting artist/educator with a background in Art Therapy. Sue is a member of High Hand Co-op Gallery and teaches repoussé workshops to children and adults.  Teaching experience includes 11 years as lecturer at California State University, Art Department; Artist in the Schools at Sacramento Metro Arts Commission; and Featured Artist, Keynote Speaker, and Master Class instructor at the California Art Education conference. Sue Anne holds a M.A. in Art and Ph.D. in Education, and received the 2019 Award of Excellence in Fine Art at the California State Fair, and Best of Show at Sacramento Fine Arts Center.