TLS Annual Gathering

2023 Friday PM Tactile Labyrinths with Maia Scott

2023 Friday Afternoon Pre-Gathering Workshop
12:30 to 3:30 pm

Separate $80 Pre-Registration Required - includes $25 labyrinth making materials kit

Tactile Labyrinth Playshop: Cheap and easy labyrinth making projects that are fun to make and share with Maia Scott and Golden Guide Gleam

Whether you want to create visually stimulating interactive art to tempt the eye and mind or offer eyes-free options for people of all abilities to enjoy – Wait!  How about both at the same time?

Be prepared to get a little messy in this highly interactive session as you create at least three different tactile labyrinths and maybe even go home with the tools and supplies for at least five. 

We will look at methods for collaging onto wood and cardboard, imprinting into clay and metal, and shaping paper. Then add your own sensibilities and passions to the project to make them distinctively yours. 

This playshop is for you if you want to level the playing field at your labyrinth offerings by providing hand-held options and involve your community in mindful art activities or if you want to expand your personal labyrinth art making practice and take some time to play, or both!

Maia Scott is a longtime labyrinth facilitator and enthusiast who started this journey as a recreation therapist and currently enjoys careers as a body worker and off-site community college instructor teaching visual and performing arts for people with disabilities. Maia is an interdisciplinary artist with an MFA in Creative Inquiry Interdisciplinary Arts who finds happiness in trying to make anything into labyrinths. Note that while Maia was born with limited sight and currently travels with her golden guide dog Gleam, she is not an expert on being blind because she is hopelessly addicted to amazing eye candy such as great arts and, wait for it – labyrinths. Maia partnered with the American Printing House for the Blind in the production of a tactile labyrinth collection to introduce the blind community to labyrinths.