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2018: A Year of Living Honestly
Quarter 1 (Jan - Mar): Awareness

Discover this year as new and in the aspect of honesty, what new insights, discoveries and truths do you become aware of? What becomes present, what is no longer a reality? It is a step by step adventure into what our walking reveals about ourselves, our questions, our connections and our world.

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Many Ways to Walk

TLS 365 Experience # 72
May 11, 2017

Today I shared the labyrinth with the members of a class I was teaching.

They had never walked and found the experience exciting and curious.

It was just the right outdoor moment to shift our day from consumable knowledge to the remaining experiential activities planned. As they completed their walk I asked them to walk in silence back to our classroom and there, they found printouts of finger labyrinths to then write out their experiences.

Many shared they wanted to walk again and found that the writing gave them both that choice and a voice of expression that they may not have shared outloud.

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AT, Labyrinth Expressionist