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Welcome September

Septem is an old Roman word which means seven and so named for the Roman calendar’s seventh month. As the Julian and Gregorian calendars were adopted September became the ninth month of the year, though still retains the name of its original purpose. It’s also one of the four months that keeps time with the cycles of the seasons.  In contrast to August, there are a number of national and international observances to set the pace on the path and frame our intentions.

Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Constitution Day, Patriot Day, the Autumn Equinox, World Heart Day and International Peace Day are among the celebrations of this month. Consider these suggestions and thoughts for your relationship with these holidays and celebrations:

Building the labyrinth photo by LTourloukisLabor Day September 2 

In the United States, Labor Day was organized to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.   Similar in its intent, Labour Day in Canada originated as a campaign for better pay and working conditions that led to the eight-hour day movement, advocating eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. (Wikipedia).

Currently associated with a long-weekend of relaxation and recreation, Labor Day signals the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year.  So what meaning can we draw from this holiday for our daily walk?

  • We might ask ourselves, what is beginning and what is ending?
  • For many of us, it might be important to consider how we balance the hours of our day between work, recreation, and rest.
  • And more importantly, it might be just the right holiday to pause and celebrate the labor of so many before us, among us, and even by us, that have created the labyrinths that grace our globe and our walks.


Peace Pole Ontario Community Gardens

"Let There Be Peace on Earth
and let it begin with me."

Sy Miller and Bill Jackson
(Title and opening lyrics)

Patriot Day September 11

Patriot Day, not to be confused with Patriot’s Day, is an annual observance in the United States to remember those who were injured or died during the terrorist attacks in the United States. All Americans are asked to observe a moment of silence, beginning at 8:46 AM (Eastern Daylight Time) when the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001.  For today…

  • Begin your walk following the national moment of silence and in the words of John Lennon…
    Imagine all the people living life in peace

         Community Gardens Peace Pole, Ontario, Canada

Quinto SolInternational Peace Day September 21

Today is a day created and sponsored by the United Nations to seek a global cessation of violence and war.  A non-profit organization, Peace One Day, seeks to raise awareness of this world-wide observation by leading an annual global campaign of widespread community action and celebration on every continent. (Wikipedia) This year, in addition to registering support for their mission, they pose two questions that offer us, individually and as a Club, opportunities to support the spirit of the day, now and in years to come...   The Quinto Sol Labyrinth

  • Who will you make peace with?
  • Who will you bring together?

For more information, visit Peace Day and send us your ideas for making this an annual date to walk in solidarity.

Autumnal Equinox September 22

Madeleine Marentette Equinox labyirnthFor those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, September provides an important hallmark for the year, the fall equinox.  It has been recognized and celebrated by many cultures and is commonly associated with harvesting crops, giving thanks, and taking stock of the meaning and fragility of life.  It is a good time to reflect on balance, being one of two times in the year when daylight and darkness is equally balanced.  Photo from Madeleine Marentette

Some suggestions for reflection today…

  • How do I balance my personal needs with my commitments in the outside world?
  • How do I receive?
  • How do I give?

Labyrinth path of hearts by labyrinth lessonsWorld Heart Day September 29

World Heart Day is a global observance to inform people around the world that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death. Today Go Red for Women, walk or run a labyrinth, and learn more at the World Heart Federation.


September Focus

Peace Labyrinth Stone Saskatchewan CanadaPeace is the focus for September. As we move into the season of change once again according to our calendars, we may be reminded that change is inevitable, though growth is an option in it. As we strive to accept and align ourselves with the changes, let peace prevail so that we celebrate not simply one day of peace, but are a lifetime in the practice of it.

Much of our conflict comes in the difference of what we think and what we feel. What we see, we make judgments and decisions about, though what we feel isn’t as easily measured. Close your eyes to find the balance and walk with feeling this month noting where there is tension and where there is peace. A walk has a marvelous way of centering what is and what isn’t. 


Question Labyirnth by LTourloukisQuestions of our Membership...

We thank our members for the responses from last month and urge you all to help us help. In our focus of finding purpose we again ask a question of members to simply click and reply to.

September Question:
What supports you in your commitment to walk?

Exploring Finger Labyrinths

Handmade Labyrinth Maia ScottSmall only in size, finger labyrinths are always close at hand to support our daily commitment. Armed with just pencil and paper, we can readily draw, and be drawn into, a walk aided only by our finger tips. When combined with seeds of creativity, finger labyrinths can take us on an expansive journey of heART and soul. 

The story of San Francisco artist and TLS member Maia Scott’s hand print finger labyrinth, pictured here, is a wonderful example of what can happen when art and soul meet on the path. 

In Maia’s words…“I felt empowered creating a labyrinth design that also manifested as a sort of self-portrait. My stubby little fingers and all the little bumps around the edges literally framed the intention for the design.  Yes, I literally traced my hand like so many of us did in kindergarten and the design fell strangely into place on the first try.  Some things are meant to be. Almost eight hundred cut outs of this design formed the fields of an interactive art labyrinth of the same design I called “A Hand Made Labyrinth.” The Macro/Micro nature of the project enticed participants to walk the big hand labyrinth, trace and embellish their own hands to put in place of mine, and take my humble little hand-shaped finger labyrinth to walk wherever they pleased.  The mystical and almost universal symbol of the spiral hand has always felt powerful to me both as an artist and body worker.”

Handmade Labyrinth WalkMaia’s journey with her hand print finger labyrinth did not end there.  It continues to reach far beyond its early and small scale beginning, finding its way to us here and onto the pages of a recently published book dedicated "souly" to finger labyrinths.  

RE-DISCOVERING THE GIFT OF FINGER LABYRINTHS: A GUIDEBOOK by Martha Erickson is a compact spiral-bound book of just sixty-three pages that provides a personal account of the many ways to LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING.  Martha shares personal stories and highlights a variety of patterns, uses, and settings in which to share finger labyrinths with young and old alike.  Beyond Martha’s extensive experience and passion for sharing the labyrinth, she is a long standing TLS member, 1999 Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Healing Touch Spiritual Practitioner, and a Lay Minister.  For more information or to order this inspiring book, email Martha

Labyrinth Coloring Book Monique MeredettiColor Your Walk

Adult Coloring Books to Inspire Your Inner Artist

When is the last time that you had a crayon in your hand and engaged your inner child? Did you know that coloring is said to spark creativity? Research into the art of coloring for adults, also suggests several other benefits, such as stress reduction, meditation, and eye-hand coordination that can help maintain a sharp mind. So, in the words of Dr. Sun Wolf…

"Give crayons. Adults are disturbingly impoverished of these magical dream sticks. "                

And while you are at it, consider the following labyrinth coloring book and mandala coloring book to add some variety to your finger walks.

Labyrinths: Meditative Coloring Book 5, by artist and writer, Aliyah Schick is an adult coloring book of 36 of her original labyrinth drawings in which the she invites you to “…color your steps into the labyrinth…as you contemplate, meditate or pray.”  Apart from the coloring pages, there is a brief introduction to labyrinths and meditation, suggestions for using the book and accompanying blank pages for each drawing to record your“Meditative Impressions.” Further information can be found at Meditative Coloring and Amazon

EVERYONE’S Mandala Coloring Book, Volume 3, by Monique Mandali, includes a beautiful mandala design that is also a labyrinth, pictured here. Order the book or find out more information about Ms. Mandali’s mandala designs and her personal journey with mandalas. There is a wealth of information on the web for those who are interested in learning more about mandalas and ‘labyrinths as mandalas’.

We hope that we have sparked some new ideas for your finger labyrinth journeys. Most of all, may it encourage a spirit of sharing our creations and creative uses of these little labyrinth  gems at our finger tips.  Happy Travels!


Will you join us in September?

The Gathering is coming.... We are looking forward to see you at the Annual Gathering of September in Vancouver!
We will host morning walks for the 365 club members and host a reception on Thursday before the opening ceremonies to meet and greet everyone. Look for our news at the reception desk when you check in!
If you are attending, please let us know as we are planning a fun activity to help our directory along and you will be part of the fun. 


Blog Update

Labyrinth Society 365 Club Blog Image

Walk with the spirit of peace this month as we are all in search of it whether we have small conflicts or larger ones.   It is in the everyday, where our small gestures of peace develop into habits and set points for when more expansive times of crisis begin to clash and call for comfort. In what ways do you walk in peace? What habits or ideas might you share with others?  Feel free to share your thoughts and if you are included to share them once or twice a month as a guest blogger, this would be a way in which we could all grow and take partnership in our community of daily walkers.  A simple few paragraphs and a picture or two that might reflect your conversation is all that is necessary.  Contact us to be added as a contributing writer. 


Until we walk together, 

Wishing you all a month of Peace within every step, awareness in every thought and joy within every feeling. 

We look forward to connecting at the gathering! 

In peaceful imprints, 

Mary and Lynda