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Organ and Labyrinth

Trinity Episcopal Church
1329 Jackson Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130

Since May 2006, renowned organist Albinas Prizgintas and his wife Manon offer a magical and transcendent weekly experience of music and meditation.

All are welcome to walk the cloth labyrinth placed on the floor of the sanctuary while Albinas performs on the pipe organ from 6:00 to 7:00pm. His repertoire ranges from classical Baroque to vintage rock tunes, all heartfully chosen by him the day before. The atmosphere is further enhanced by real candle light, a rare treat since so often candles are now artificial. Serenely changing colored lights gracefully highlight the organ pipes. Subtle and dimmed up lights complete the mystical ambiance. Upon entering, the love and dedication that Albinas and Manon give to this event immediately touches the soul. 

Epiphanies will be found here! For more information email Kathryn