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1,000 Cheers for World Labyrinth Day!

A survey launched earlier this month has revealed that, so far, World Labyrinth Day events are being planned on Saturday, May 3rd, in at least 24 states and eleven countries! Our goal is to touch all fifty states with at least 1,000 participants world-wide. Be counted among the celebrants and help spread the word, especially to states and countries not on the list! We estimate 719 people in attendance so far.

WLD 2014 Map

Please take this short survey (anonymously, if you like) to share your intention!  

No event is too small — individual private walks and using a finger labyrinth are just fine! Everyone is invited to "Walk as One at 1" in the afternoon to participate in this global group walk for peace. And, the time-space continuum is flexible, so if you can’t join in the fun at 1 p.m., feel free to celebrate by walking at whatever hour works perfectly for you. Remember, no matter what time you walk, it's 1 p.m. somewhere!

For a list of eleven ways to celebrate World Labyrinth Day, gorgeous downloadable flyers that you can personalize with your own event details, and more information about the event, go to

If you do celebrate, please also mindfully document your event in photos or video. We will be taking submissions to share at the Annual Gathering in Florida. For inspiration, here's an incredible video of a WLD celebration last year. 

All the best! 

Lars Howlett
World Labyrinth Day Coordinator

P.S. Use #LabyrinthDay on Social Media!



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