TLS Marketplace

How to Submit Your Labyrinth Market Ad

Submitting text and images for inclusion in listings

  • Please input and/or upload your details in the Advertise Order form of your choice.
  • For the Mini ad plan, be sure to select the category from the drop-down list. For the Plus and Pro ad plan, be sure to select categories from the check lists. While we offer an other-category field, please be aware that we may choose to place you in an existing category in our list.

Pictures & Logos

Pictures and logos used in the listings are saved for web (minimum of 72 dpi) as a .jpg or .png file and sized as follows:

  • Thumbnail for home page slider and/or listing: 110w x 150h pixels
  • Cover for feature page listing (Pro ads only): 590w x 200 pixels
  • Image(s) in feature page listing (Pro ads only): 200w x 200h pixels

To create an image with these specifications, use a proprietary image manipulation software package — Photoshop, Photoshop Express, Paint Shop Pro, etc. — and upload the image on the Advertise Order form of your choice (mini, plus, pro). When sending multiple files, be sure to ZIP your collection of files into a single file and upload this single .zip file.

Feature Pages

  • You may include up to five (5) images on your feature page prepared as listed above.
  • You may wish to include some reference text on your images if you mention or are referring to the images in your text content.
  • Within your content you may use hyperlinks to link to specific pages on your website. Please be sure to provide the full URL in your text content and indicate which word or words are to be the hyperlink.

View layout option(s):

And if all else fails

Don’t worry, if none of that makes sense, file(s) will not upload as expected, or you don’t know your pixels from your dpi’s, then the TLS Marketplace Administrator is here to help! For those of you needing graphic services to prepare your artwork for your ad, graphic design services are availablefrom the TLS Marketplace Administrator.