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Discover Labyrinths with Lars Howlett - journeyman builder, workshop leader, and certified facilitator. Working in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond, Lars creates temporary and permanent sacred spaces using intuition and intention. He has studied and worked closely with leaders of the modern movement including Robert Ferré, Lauren Artress and Jeff Saward at Grace and Chartres Cathedrals and in Sweden.

Custom Labyrinth Designs and Site Specific Installations

Lars Howlett is a holistic labyrinth builder who uses intuition and intention to create sacred space for walking meditation. Working with schools, hospitals, churches, museums, and individuals, Lars creates exact replicas of classical and medieval designs on canvas, grass, or concrete. Lars is available for site visits, long-distance consultation, custom designs and project management for labyrinth installations.

Portable Canvas Labyrinths or Temporary Installations

For clients and communities that would like to introduce the labyrinth to their congregation or community, canvas or temporary labyrinths provide an economical and impermanent experience. Lars can create a temporary labyrinth to get a sense of the design and walk in relation to the environment. A canvas labyrinth can be rented or purchased for monthly indoor walks or special events. Both options provide groups who are beginning their fundraising or gathering support for a permanent labyrinth with a great way to introduce the pattern and share the experience of walking the sacred path.

Consecration ceremony and/or facilitated group walk

Following the completion of the labyrinth a short ceremony or ritual is traditionally performed to consecrate the site as sacred space. Lars Howlett is available to help plan, organize, and lead the consecration of the labyrinth in collaboration with the client, community, or committee. Ceremonies and rituals can take many forms and can be tailored to best suit the intention, setting, and situation. As a certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Lars can also incorporate a group walk for the client, community, or committee.

Lecture or Presentation

Along with being a professional labyrinth builder, Lars is an accomplished teacher and photographer available for slideshow presentations. Lars can lecture on the history of labyrinths, sacred geometry, design and building, art and improvisation, walking meditation and mindfulness, sacred sites around the world, and/or personal transformation. Lectures include stories from past projects, photographs and videos of labyrinths around the world, and a question and answer period to further explore the interests and curiosities of the audience.

Experiential Workshop

A great way to introduce a proposed or newly created labyrinth to the community is with a half or full day experiential workshop. Lars can specially tailor a hands-on class in drawing labyrinths and/or creating temporary installations. Participants can learn to draw classical labyrinths using ancient 'seed patterns', reflect on the principles of creating sacred space, consider opportunities to practice mindfulness in their lives including walking meditation, and play with intuition and improvisation in creative and artistic projects related to labyrinths. As an open source archetype, the wide range of settings and applications for labyrinths will be discussed. Working with the labyrinth as a metaphor, participants will reflect on experiencing their experience, trusting their life path, and taking the next step on their personal journey.