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Celtic Art Store


Mindfulness Art for the Modern World

P.O. Box 2997 Crestline, CA 92325 • (909) 273-5285

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The Celtic Art Store features the work of Ravensdaughter Designs. The
collection includes both hand-drawn original Celtic Art and Digital Labyrinth Art. It’s all about mindfulness for stress, anxiety and attention management.


THE FINGER LABYRINTH WORKBOOK Celtic Arts Finger Labyrinth Workbook

Finger labyrinths recreate the experience of walking a full-sized labyrinth, and this new workbook has 21 different labyrinth designs. Some are classic, some are original adaptations. Each labyrinth comes with historical text and inspirational verse. The Finger Labyrinth Workbook is full-color, spiral bound, and easy to use. For children and adults. For individuals, groups, workshops, and classrooms.


Take your favorite labyrinths with you wherever you go! The Finger Labyrinth Travel Card pack contains a collection of full-color cards. Each card has a labyrinth image on the front and historical text and inspirational verse on the back. Cards measure 5" x 7", so the pack fits in your purse, bag, or pack. Available in 21-count packs for $21.95 and 10-count packs for $10.95. Great for personal meditation or for a labyrinth party. Get them at Celtic Art Store.  Also available on Amazon.


And don’t forget our great line of Labyrinth Gifts! 

Choose from jewelry, pillows, apparel and more. Each item features an image from the Ravensdaughter collection of digital labyrinth art. Perfect for any Labyrinth Lover.

Labyrinth gifts and shirts