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At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

01. Labyrinth Society Video News

Photo by Tom Taylor, Director of Unity Corporate RelationsHow many times have each of us known in our hearts that if we could just get "permission" to build a labyrinth in the first place, we could raise the funds, find the volunteers, and secure the materials to make it happen? Whether we want to build the labyrinth in a park, church, hospital, school, or prison, we must somehow paint the right picture so the key person or group that has decision authority can "see" the finished result and its benefits, and ultimately say "yes" to the proposal.

The Labyrinth Society's upcoming DVD, Creating the Path, is about getting that permission. It is intended to promote the proliferation of labyrinths around the world. The goal is to have a documentary resource that speaks directly to decision makers, moving them to stand in support of a proposed labyrinth.
Gael Hancock, Video Project Chair, is ready to begin production of this DVD. The film is expected to run about 22 minutes.

We are currently seeking recommendations of suitable labyrinth projects for inclusion in the video. Five categories are planned: schools, churches, hospitals/hospices, public spaces (parks, office buildings, etc.), and prisons.

Our objective is to find projects/programs and people who are willing to participate by having their location filmed and be interviewed on camera. After submitting the completed form, participants will be contacted by telephone for an initial exploratory conversation.

If you are the creator, involved with, or know of a labyrinth project/program that falls into one of the categories, you are invited to submit it for consideration. Criteria are outlined in the project description that can be downloaded via either of the following hyperlinks:

Funding slightly in excess of $16,000 has been raised. Gael and a professional videographer are walking this path as volunteers. Your involvement requires only time and the commitment to helping realize the vision.

Please help by downloading and reviewing the project description and submission form. If you are involved with, or know of a labyrinth project/program that falls into one of the categories, please submit it for consideration or pass the forms along to someone else who might be interested. Please email a hyperlink to this page to a friend or colleague who might know of a possibility that would be a good fit.

Imagine the blessings and comfort when thousands, if not millions, of those who otherwise might not have access, can experience the labyrinth. 

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The Labyrinth Society Video News - April 24, 2008 (.pdf 204K)