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Take a Pilgrimage to the Annual Gathering!

This year's Annual Gathering promises to be an extravaganza of art (fine and performance; equine and human), architecture, exposition, and fun. Are you still undecided about attending the 12th Annual TLS Gathering? Perhaps a pilgrimage to the Gathering is precisely what you need at this time.

We’d like to share a wonderful poem about pilgrimage written by Rev. Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion, Ph.D., during her 28 day, 500 mile pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

In her late forties at the time, Rev. Geoffrion walked with her family and recorded her daily progress in words and photographs. We hope her words will inspire all of you in need of this kind of process in your lives right now, to use the journey to the TLS Gathering in New Harmony and back, as a way of becoming “unstuck.” When we leave our comfort zone behind, who knows what’s possible?

Defining Pilgrimage: A Poem Definition
What is pilgrimage?
Entering the flow of sacred history.
Traveling to the ends of the earth.
Visiting the depths of your worst self.
Seeking inspiration.
Shunning limitations.
Clinging to hope.
Releasing cherished illusions.
Experiencing fear’s torments.
Being misunderstood.
Welcoming grace.
Exhausting your resources.
Leaving. Arriving. Leaving. Arriving.
Receiving undeserved help.
Seeing while being seen.
Moving, always moving.
Extending kindness.
Getting lost.
Being found.
Orienting your heart.

What isn’t pilgrimage?
Staying stuck.

Poem & photo copied with written permission of Jill Geoffrion. Visit Jill Geoffrian's website to read more about her journey.