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Members eNewsletter
At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

01. News from The Labyrinth Society

Dear Members,

While you’ve heard from us on a regular basis of late, there are several announcements that we’re excited to share with you in this special letter.

At the Fall Board Meeting in Lenox, MA, significant decisions were made about the ways in which we will focus TLS energies and resources. In our early days, we felt our priority should be putting labyrinth information out into the world. We’ve done that in good measure, and will continue to do so in as many new and innovative ways as possible. At the same time, the board has felt that the privilege of being part of this labyrinth outreach was our greatest member benefit. Now we need to look at how TLS can best serve our members. We’ve listened to your requests, suggestions, and ideas and are acting on a number of them.

First, we are happy to announce that TLS has partnered with Caerdroia – the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths, to offer this annual publication as a member benefit. Caerdroia, now in its 25th year of production, is edited and published in the UK by Jeff Saward of Labyrinthos. In addition, a new journal, tentatively titled The Labyrinth Path, will be introduced in Spring 2007, and it too will become a member benefit. This publication will focus on spirituality, health and the arts. It will contain, among other things, the winning entries from the annual writing contest, personal essays, and material specific to The Labyrinth Society, including an annual Gathering retrospective. TLS members will be encouraged to submit their writing for publication.

Also, after several years in development, we are finally ready to launch our online Labyrinth Marketplace. This is something that many of you have been suggesting for quite some time. In short, it will provide a one-stop site for finding labyrinth products and services. This will not be an online store, but rather will serve as an index to what is available worldwide, with direct links and/or contact information to product and service providers. As TLS members you will be offered a simple listing free of charge (after a one-time setup fee) with expanded listings available at discounted rates. The new Marketplace was rolled out at the Spring Board meeting, and will open for business within the next few months.

Other benefits are planned for introduction later in the year, including new educational outreach materials. And we still plan to distribute the video, Creating a Path: A Story of Labyrinth Building, to all current members when production is completed.

Our membership fees have been the same since we organized in 1999, and inflation has seriously eroded their adequacy in the intervening years. Moreover, during that time we have gone from a small group of volunteers to an international organization with a full- time executive director, a highly visible website, a partnership in the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator and a small grant program for member projects. In order to make some adjustment for the effects of inflation and provide these additional member benefits, we are introducing a new tiered membership pricing structure. Beginning June 1, 2006, TLS will have five membership categories, intended to address both the interests and budgets of our members.

Individual Membership: $50.00(US) per year

  • $100.00 Gathering discount for Gathering 2006; $75.00 Gathering discount thereafter
  • E-letter subscription (6 issues per year)
  • Free listing in Online Marketplace (after one-time setup charge)
  • 50% discount for expanded Online Marketplace listing fees
  • Full voting rights
  • Access to, and inclusion in, the Online Member Directory

The $5.00 per member household discount will be continued at this membership level. (all Torrez scholarships will be at this level of membership)

Supporting Membership: $75.00(US) per year

  • All benefits of Individual Membership
  • $100.00 Gathering registration discount
  • Subscription to two Journals: Caerdroia & The Labyrinth Path

Household Membership: $130.00(US) per year

  • All benefits of Supporting Membership
  • $100.00 Gathering registration discount for each member of the household
  • Individual listing in the Online Member Directory for each household member

Organization Membership: $130.00(US) per year

  • All benefits of Supporting Membership
  • Four $100.00 Gathering registration discounts

Individual Lifetime Membership: $1,250.00(US)

  • All benefits of Supporting Membership for duration of the member’s lifetime

The new categories, benefits, and prices will apply to new memberships received after May 31, 2006, and membership renewals due beginning in June. Questions and comments should be directed to David Gallagher at or by calling David at 607-387-5863.

Complete information concerning the Online Labyrinth Marketplace, including service level descriptions and pricing, will be announced when the Marketplace is ready for public debut – planned for early summer 2006. Other member benefits are in the planning stages, including special members-only pages on the website.

We hope you will be as excited as we are about these new developments, and that you will take advantage of these exciting member benefits!

On another note, we expect 2006 Gathering registration will open on Thursday, June 1st.

Kimberly Lowelle Saward, TLS President
David Gallagher, Executive Director

News from The Labyrinth Society - May 17, 2006 (.pdf 249K)