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TLS Website - Labyrinths in Places NEEDS YOU!

Do you work with labyrinths in healthcare settings?  Would you like a chance to write for the TLS web site?  Then you are in luck!  We are in need of a member to write the text for the Labyrinths in Healthcare Settings aspect of our website.  This information category falls under the Labyrinths in Places page of the web site, which is already chock-full of exciting contributions from members who work with labyrinths in a variety of different community settings.  Visit the Labyrinths in Places pages of the TLS website if you have not already checked them out!
Specifically, we are looking for a member who could write about labyrinths in hospitals as well as labyrinths in other types of medical and healthcare settings.  Here are some topics that could be covered on the page: Benefits (for the patients, medical staff, family and visitors, institution), and important information/guidance for people and organizations who want to approach their hospital, medical or healthcare institutions about incorporating a labyrinth.

In return for the written contribution, the author will be credited, and a link to their website and/or email provided within the context of the page.  Additionally, members who write for this aspect of the web site are then featured in our quarterly member feature.  It’s a great way to connect with fellow labyrinth enthusiasts, highlight how labyrinths can be of benefit in this specified community setting, and be of service to TLS.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.  Please email Hallie Sawyers, TLS Education Outreach Chair, for additional information or to volunteer.