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Members eNewsletter
At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

Your Board of Directors at Work

Your Board of Directors braved sleet, snow, flight delays and cancellations to gather from around North America over the weekend of April 12th  through 14th for the annual “spring” BoD meeting in the gracious austere space of the Carondelet Centre in St Paul, Minnesota. As it happened, many of us were newly elected to the Board last October, so this was the first meeting face to face for this particular group. We missed Mark Milligan, Energy Keepers Chair, whose recent health issues prevented him from travelling, though we kept him in the circle at all times. President John Rhodes opened the meeting with each of us picking a card  for reflective sharing from Tony Christie's evocative labyrinth deck, while Christiana Brinton wove us together at the end, reminding us all through ritual of our commitment to TLS values.

The weekend was a memorable success!  It was a great, fun, productive board meeting.  Besides the regular responsibilities of committee and financial reports, President John Rhodes guided us through the intense work of reviewing progress and forecasting the trajectory laid out in the 2008 Strategic Plan. He says, “We made some really good progress in extending our strategic plan for another five years.  I think our vision for 2018, along with our mission and core values/beliefs, and all of our discussion, will serve us well as we move forward and filter the remainder of our work through these documents.  All of us need some time now to step back, think, process, and plan for our next steps.”

As a new member of the Board myself, I was so impressed by the breadth of vision and depth of commitment shared by the current Board and those that have gone before us, on whose work we now build. We’re an inclusive group, and a range of viewpoints was presented and thoroughly examined. It was a good feeling to know each of us had been heard. We came away feeling confident that our Society is robust and nimble enough to move forward in these challenging times, supporting the efforts of “labyrinth people” everywhere. 

2013 TLS Board of Directors

Front row from left: Kay Whipple, Christiana Brinton, Vanessa Compton, Sherry Biltz; Back row: David gallagher, Stephen Shibley, Kay Kinneavy, Hallie Sawyers, Diane Rudebock, John Rhodes, Kay Sandor. Missing: Mark Milligan.