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Benefits of a Spanish Language Version of the DVD Labyrinths For Our Time

As a designer, I have been promoting building labyrinths in my country, Costa Rica, for years. Five years ago, I could only hope that people knew something about these geometries and trusted that their benefits were worthwhile.

In most of my built labyrinths, I have donated the design, on-site tracing and supervision, and they are located in public parks, schools and universities. Even so, getting the correct people to agree has been quite an effort.

I managed to create a few before TLS’s DVD Labyrinths for our Time appeared. Since then, I show the DVD up front and then follow with my own proposal. It makes a real difference as it sets a high frequency atmosphere and makes it a trustworthy topic.

The problem has been with non-English speaking persons. I meet with public officials, entrepreneurs, and managers in hopes of inspiring them to create and promote the use of labyrinths. Sometimes I have to translate simultaneously or comment as the DVD advances. It would make such a difference to have it in Spanish…

The DVD is so inspiring that with a Spanish version I truly believe that my work would be easier in terms of the creation of labyrinths. But that would be only one of the benefits. I can only imagine the positive effect it would have as an educational tool on interested parties or summoned groups.

I hope my next labyrinth will be created in a very prestigious hospital, and they want to invite people to walk it. TLS’s Labyrinths for our Time would be an awesome part of that initiative as an inspirational and educational instrument for patients, family and employees alike.

With a translated version, I would promote showing the DVD in a public TV channel, and am pretty sure it would happen. Channel 11 did it already with one of my labyrinths on a 10-minute documentary (not available on Internet).

Costa Rica has a population of 4,300,000 and I foresee at least a few thousand benefitting from watching a translated DVD in the next few years. If 0.001% (one out of one thousand) of the people saw it, I would feel very pleased. If that eventually happened with the rest of the Spanish speaking population in the world, we could inspire some 400,000 * people to get interested in labyrinths and benefit somehow.

Ronald Esquivel

* Approximately 406 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it second only to Mandarin in terms of its number of native speakers worldwide (Wikipedia), though English is second worldwide in terms of first and second language speakers (Wikipedia).