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“I wish there was a Spanish DVD”

“I wish there was a Spanish DVD”.

What amazes me most about the labyrinth is that when I walk it and there are other people in it, although we are looking to reach the same goal, people on an adjacent path appear to be walking in the opposite direction—which they really are—but at the end of the journey we reach the common goal: the Center.

Most of the labyrinths I have designed and built since 2002 are in Colombia, but there are others in Canada and in Europe, and when I am in the preliminary stage of a project I always carry my books, videos, and pictures to show potential clients what the labyrinth is. I introduce myself as a member of The Labyrinth Society (TLS), a non-profit international society of volunteers aiming to promote the knowledge and use of the labyrinth.

Everybody listens and watches with interest and then some decide to build one. But the process may take days or even weeks.

Many times I have thought, “If I had a video from TLS that I could show the potential clients, my work would be so much easier.” I could show people that I am not just a single person with a hobby but that this work is an effort of many people with a common goal: to promote the knowledge of the labyrinth, to share the joy of reaching the center when we walk one, and the calmness we feel after we come out. And that goes not only for the potential clients but, more importantly, for the general public to awaken their interest.

In 2009 I was at the TLS Gathering near Portland, Oregon, and was pleasantly surprised to find two things: first, that there was already a project to create a labyrinth DVD. Second, there was another person in Costa Rica, Ronald Esquivel, who, on the surface, appeared to be walking in the opposite direction, but since we were in the labyrinth, turns out to have been on an adjacent path with a common goal of reaching the center and spreading the wisdom of the labyrinth in Latin America. These two things were inspiring!

I then had the opportunity to talk to Hallie Sawyers about the DVD project. In our conversations it came up how important it would be to make the work of TLS available in other languages. At that time we were talking about a Spanish translation of the web site. Things cooled down as time passed, the DVD came out and filled the vacuum I felt existed, but only partially.

In 2013 at the Vancouver Island, Canada, Gathering I met again with Hallie. She mentioned that Ronald was asking if a Spanish version of the DVD could be made available and asked me if I could collaborate with him in doing the translation. I jumped right away! It was a dream come true, not only in English, but with a Spanish version I could show people in Colombia that TLS was a truly international organization. This was also the first step in making the DVD available in languages other than English.

I believe that making the Spanish version would be of great benefit for TLS to show that it really is an international organization. This DVD could not only be used for spreading the seed of the labyrinth within the Hispanic population in the US, but also to promote the knowledge of the labyrinth in Latin America in their native language.

Working with a team of volunteers on this project, I shared their enthusiasm and was surprised how quickly we finished the translation of the English version. We have now reached the stage at which we need funds to move forward and finish it.

Please help us by making a contribution through TLS; although we sometimes think that we are walking in opposite directions, together we can reach the “Center.”

José F. Cuesta
Medellín, Colombia, 
March, 2014