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Members eNewsletter
At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

New Edition of Labyrinth Pathways now available

We are happy to announce the publication of the 8th edition of Labyrinth Pathways, an annual journal focusing on the labyrinth in the fields of spirituality, health and the arts. The journal is published annually by Labyrinthos, and is provided electronically to all TLS members as a member benefit.

This edition includes offerings from authors and artists far and wide, connected by a common thread of labyrinth interest. We hope that you will find something in these pages to inspire you as you make your way along your own path! We trust that you will also find new thoughts from familiar friends, as well as introductions to new voices emerging within the field. One of the true marvels of the labyrinth community is the continual flow of the people who love the meandering pathways and all that they represent!

You will need to log in to The Labyrinth Society Members' area  and then follow the links to Labyrinth Journals. Digital back issues are also available on the TLS website for free access by members.