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A Heart Labyrinth Valentine’s Day Project

turf+pavingstone Langley

Beth Langley, turf and paving stone

We “labyrinth people” are young at heart, so I’m inviting you to bring out your crayons and join me in an art project! We are going to be making Heart-Labyrinth Valentine’s Day Cards from the “seed-patterns” I have provided or from your own designs, as you choose. Please give yourself permission to join in, as this activity will renew you and light up your heart and the hearts of those around you! If you need more rationale or encouragement to engage in play, please read the following paragraph. As you will discover, this is not just play, this is play of a high order—Sacred Play! The instructions begin in paragraph three!

sprouting citylawn heartlab Reg Adams. Houston

RC Adams & J Stailey, seeded turf. Houston. 
photo RC Adams

In the realm of labyrinths, from ancient to modern times, we have been blessed with the fruit of so many labyrinth artists, providing us with fresh and ever-expanding opportunities to connect with the Center within each and all of us. It does not surprise me that so many of us who design and walk labyrinths are attracted to labyrinths based on or incorporating the symbol of the Heart. In all of the spiritual traditions I have studied, the Heart is the truest symbolic expression of who we are--the Home or Sanctuary of our Center, our Source, our Essence (however we choose to name it).

Mario Höhn, decoration for  a crib.

I believe the resonance of the Heart with the Labyrinth is clear and undeniable, and it is no wonder that the Heart as a symbol has been transformed into a myriad of walkable labyrinths. Any list of Heart-Labyrinth creators I could name would only be partial, but Mary Elizabeth Langley, Jerry Etzkorn, Lisa Moriarty, Marty Kermeen, Jeff Saward, Lars Howlett, Reginald Charles Adams, and Jeff Stailey come to mind. This is also a special interest of mine. I welcome you to join us!

MarioHöhn's labyrinth

Kermeen & Saward, Oklahoma. photo K Crowder

The instructions are simple. To begin with, relax and connect with your breath. We are aiming for simple self-expression, not perfection. Above all, have fun! Here are three simple steps:

  1. Follow the link to the seed patterns and choose one which resonates with you.  (Note that the bold lines and dots represent the actual seed pattern; the dashed lines show you how the elements (lines and dots) are connected to create the Heart labyrinth. Examples #1 and #2 are simple three-circuit designs. Examples #3 and #4 are five-circuit designs from my recently-developed “Diamond-Heart” series.
  2. Using a piece of paper of your choice and a pencil, draw the seed pattern lightly and connect the elements as per the diagram. When you have drawn the Heart Labyrinth the way you want it, erase any unwanted lines and proceed to darken the lines and color the Heart Labyrinth any way you choose. Address the card and sign your name, and write a message if you choose. Here is a sample message: "In the Labyrinth of Love, Our Hearts are One!"
  3. That was fun! Why stop with one? And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tom Vetter's paper heart-lab

Tom Vetter is our Valentine!