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World Labyrinth Day 2015: Soulful Synchronicity

WLD at Glencairn Rotary Camp, South Africa.
Photo: Koos Burger

While the wave of meditative walks and prayers for peace encircling the globe is complete, the intention and inspiration spun on World Labyrinth Day continues its revolution. How heartwarming to hear of walks in areas of suffering from Nepal to Baltimore, new labyrinths being built from the Netherlands to Indiana, and groups gathering from Scotland to South Korea, Belgium to Brazil, Mexico to Lithuania, and Australia to Zambia! Congratulations to everyone for tuning into the global rhythm and truly being in step together this WLD2015!

According to our informal survey, more than 3,333 people shared in celebration in at least 222 locations, "Walking as One at 1" on Saturday, May 2nd (our seventh annual event). So far we have counted 21 countries and in the U.S. – 40 states! Check out this interactive map to zoom in on various continents and see specific spots around the world.

News coverage included the premier of a TV documentary on the Millennium Park Labyrinth in Sydney, Australia. WLD coordinator Lars Howlett also created this time-lapse video of his Chartres sand labyrinth created on the shores of San Francisco. Meryl Ann Butler scripted her seventh annual article on OpEd News and the Atlantic featured an article about the day, albeit with an inappropriate photo and byline [Editor's note: Our work on earth is not yet done!]… Reports poured in from the members of the Labyrinth Society Facebook Group.

The stories and photos from the day could fill a book of their own and unfortunately we can’t include them all here. WLD coordinator Lars Howlett has assembled this range of examples:

  • A fundraiser for Nepal earthquake relief at Trinity Episcopal in Portland, Maine
  • A prairie labyrinth in Missouri walked before and after its transformation by brush burning
  • A walk in Baltimore facilitated by Virginia LoneSky at Maryland Institute of College of Arts
  • A gathering of almost 50 at the Delaware Art Museum with singing by the Cathedral Choir
  • A beach labyrinth in Tasmania, Australia walked and ridden on horseback
  • Labyrinth inspired cookies and wraps at a celebration in San Luis Obispo, California
  • The continuation of a new tradition in renewing a lost labyrinth on the Hawaiian Islands
  • A handbell walk on the outdoor labyrinth at Grace Cathedral with Lauren Artress
  • 80 people walking a labyrinth together in Italy at the Falvaterra Caves
  • A new labyrinth created, walked, and consecrated on the island of Crete, Greece
  • Camp Hope refugees who walked at the Rotary Glencairn Labyrinth in South Africa
  • A TLS Annual Gathering reunion of sorts in Chicago at St. Scholastica Monastery
  • Opening of the Elgee Park Labyrinth by the Victorian State Governor in Australia
  • An inspiring collaboration among city groups at the Armenian Heritage Park in Boston
  • The question “What does peace look like when it begins with me?” in Ontario, Canada

The twenty-one countries where WLD was celebrated include: Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, the Netherlands, the United States and Zambia. Labyrinths were walked in 40 states in the US and we are still hoping to count Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Utah. We are still accepting responses from anyone and anywhere to our 2015 online survey… to be counted, fill out this form (anonymous ok). 

Pencil in Saturday, May 7th 2016 for our eighth annual event as we "Walk as One at 1" again! And while you're at it, get yourself outfitted with a WLD T-shirt or coffee mug from our Café Press Store!