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TLS in the SMITHSONIAN: A Magazine “from the future”!

A series of events unfolded recently whose synchronicity “a-mazed” us all here at the virtual TLS Board office.  TLS President Kay Whipple tells the story:

Almost nine years ago, the TLS Board had their second strategic planning session. On the opening night, we gathered in a conference room at the Benedictine Center at the St. Paul's Monastery in Maplewood, MN, and put together magazines “from the future” where we put our visions of how we wanted to see TLS and labyrinths being portrayed around the world in print. A great and hilarious time was had by all. We were encouraged to be outrageous! To think big! As a newbie board member, though, at a time when we were just charting next steps, I was a bit sheepish about putting our articles/headlines in Time Magazine! It seemed so presumptuous! 2007 was still relatively early and I couldn’t really see it happening. We have been mentioned in a number of REAL magazines since then, but yesterday marks a special milestone.

Magazines from the future
Magazines "from the future." Photo: K. Whipple

Last week [mid-January] our Executive Director, David Gallagher, was interviewed for Smithsonian Magazine, and yesterday [January 20] the article came out. It is magnificent! It is the article that I had tried to envision all those years ago and seemed to me to embody the hopes and dreams of the board members at that long-ago meeting. 

David added a lot to the article. Even where he isn’t specifically quoted, I recognized some of the information as coming right out of his mouth. I’m not sure who else was interviewed for the article, but there is a wealth of information there as well as wonderful pictures. The author includes links to the TLS website and the World Wide Labyrinth Locator.

I am just thrilled as I look back on how we have grown, where we have gone, and how much we have created since that day back in 2007. It is an encouragement to keep going. As I peruse the “magazines from the future” that I have kept all these years, there are many things that seem prophetic. One of the magazines, created by Katja Marquart (our current Treasurer), Harriet Royer, Kimberly Saward, Diane Terry Kehner, and Hallie Sawyers, mentioned the “5th Anniversary of International Labyrinths for Peace Day” – and this was before World Labyrinth Day had been conceived. I had never noticed that before.

The goals and visions we set for ourselves create the path of our future. Thanks to all who create and embrace the vision, who work to manifest it, and/or support the ones who do!

Hallie Sawyers (recently retired as VP of Education) responded that it was “a terrific step toward the manifestation of our new Vision Statement of April 2013: ‘By 2018 TLS will become a global information hub, weaving together local and worldwide labyrinth communities.’”

Jeff Saward, who maintains the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator and is “forever digging in the archives,” pointed out that “it’s not the first time that the Smithsonian Magazine has featured labyrinths (and mazes), dig out a copy of their December 1987 [Vol 18 Issue 9] edition and you will find the article by Richard Wolkomir, ‘It is easy to get bushed when you're threading a maze’,* on pages 108-119, with some very pretty pictures of locations in the UK. Good to see they are continuing their tradition of reporting on the subject.” 

It didn’t end there. President Whipple wrote again:

After I sent out the email about the Smithsonian Magazine, I went to my local grocery store. There in the rack was Time Magazine with David Bowie on the cover wearing an outfit that looks for all the world like it could be a stylized non-traditional labyrinth (entrance at neck). Some people have complained that Bowie’s Labyrinth movie and paraphernalia shows up on Labyrinth searches. I always thought it didn’t really matter how people started being interested in labyrinths, just that they did. It just seemed ironic to have found that issue with that cover on the day I just sent you all the email [above]. Incredible. 

Time Magazine. Photo: K. Whipple

All agreed with Hallie’s suggestion: Cut off that magazine cover and the Board of Directors can use it to create a new ‘from the future’ magazine that depicts the new TLS vision statement!

*Used with permission of the author, Richard Wolkomir,
​copyright 1987; originally published in Smithsonian Magazine.