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Eagle Scouts Love to Build Labyrinths

Chencho and the Bethel Prayer lab
Chencho and the completed labyrinth. Photo: K. Orta

Eagle Scouts have a tradition in America of building labyrinths. This report comes from Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Manassas, VA:

Life Scout Inocencio Orta, known as Chencho, really likes mazes and and labyrinths and wanted to do an Eagle Project for his church, Bethel Lutheran. He chose and received permission to build a prayer labyrinth to benefit Bethel and the surrounding community. The octagonal labyrinth will fit in a 47'x47' square and will have extra wide paths in order to be wheelchair- and kid-friendly.
The site was chosen, the area excavated, and more than 70 tons of crushed stone were compacted, mostly by Boy Scouts, church youth, and young people from nearby schools. The final grading of the area with crushed stone was expected to be done by November 1, 2014, but had to be postponed until the spring. An unexpected small but long retaining wall needs to be built before the sand and pavers that form the labyrinth design can be placed. Work on this project will continue based on donations and the weather.

Chencho and his team of scouts have overcome the challenge of putting in the retaining wall, and now the project is complete:

Eagle project Bethel Manassas

We were wondering how many labyrinths have been built with the help of scout troops over the years. Labyrinth-maker John Ridder says, "I have been involved with 6 or 7 Eagle Scout projects over the past 20 years...Best estimate from that sample is that  2-3 % of labyrinths in churches involve scouts." The World Wide Labyrinth Locator lists 77 labyrinths, 31 of these being Eagle Scout projects. Go Scouts!