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New Live Podcast Show – Many Paths, Many Visions


 Producer/Host, Christiana Brinton

In keeping with The Labyrinth Society’s mission to educate, inform and support the worldwide labyrinth community, we are pleased to announce a new podcast show, Many Paths, Many Visions, with host, Christiana Brinton, Public Relations chair for The Labyrinth Society. Join us as we explore various topics through interviews with labyrinth builders, artists, researchers, social workers, and others around the world, who have made labyrinths an integral part of their lives.

Listeners with Skype accounts will be able to live chat during the last 15 minutes of each 60-minute podcast and the archived podcasts will be available free to the public. In addition to The Labyrinth Society's Resource/Media area, see at the end of this article the list of TLS Social Media sites where you, as well as the public, can download the podcasts. 

Other hosts will be invited to create subsequent, future episodes too, so please plan on exploring this interactive, social media outreach platform with us!

The theme for the remainder of this year is Using Labyrinths to Address Social Issues, a variation of the 2016 Houston Gathering theme, Diverse Journeys on a Common Path; Building Community through the Labyrinth. Here is a list of upcoming episodes through October.

9/30/16: Can Walking a Labyrinth Help Tech Savvy College Students Reconnect? Join guest speaker, Dr. Nancy Bandiera, the newly appointed Publications Chair for The Labyrinth Society and a college professor at La Guardia Community College in New York, as she discusses using labyrinths to engage her students and help them succeed.  This is a pre-recorded interview so listeners will not have direct access to Nancy, but please meet her at the Gathering or Email.


10/7/16, 10:00am CST: Combining Art, Spirituality and Service Through the Labyrinth: Making a Difference One Labyrinth at a Time.  Join Christiana and her guests: Debi and Marty Kermeen, the well-known dynamic duo of the global labyrinth community and featured speakers at this year’s Gathering, as they discuss the personal and community impact of the Kermeens' numerous labyrinth installations.


10/13/16, 10:00am CST: Using Labyrinths to Dissolve Boundaries Through Artistic Expression and Social Engagement, with artist, social activist, featured speaker, Reginald Adams, at the TLS Gathering. Join us as we discuss his community building labyrinth work with Houston area high school students. 


10/21/16, 10:00am CST: In the Heart of a City; Labyrinths as Respite, with guest, Janice Lewis, a volunteer with Chicago Lights, a community outreach organization located at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago Lights offers comprehensive social service programs for at-risk youth, the homeless, and the disadvantaged across the Chicagoland area. Janice volunteers with a number of their programs and uses labyrinths as a foundational piece in her workshops, retreats, and classes.  Chicago Lights

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