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At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

Labyrinth Images and Labyrinths on the Grounds

Labyrinth Images and Labyrinths on the Grounds:

October 15 Deadline

Labyrinth Images

Share your beautiful labyrinth creations — walkable, finger or artistic — with others by responding to the annual "Call for Images." Each year we accept submissions of digital photographs to be shown during the Annual Gathering. Any current TLS member may submit an image, whether or not you are able to be physically present at the conference. Sharing our recent projects helps to inspire and inform others about the many environments, settings, designs, and uses for labyrinths around the world.

Please send images of labyrinths, mazes, and labyrinth-inspired art with which you are involved. Whether permanent or temporary, outdoors or indoors, large or small, intricate or simple, all are invited. If your work was shown in a previous year and you want to submit it again, please do so. TO BE INCLUDED IN THE 2016 LABYRINTH IMAGES, SUBMIT BY October 15, 2016.

Please limit images to no more than 6 pictures and images should be from recent works, 2014 and newer. By submitting your images to The Labyrinth Society you are confirming that you possess the legal right or license to the images and that you authorize the Society to present your images at the 2016 Gathering in digital format.

Files must be in the .jpg format, ideally less than 1MB in size and a minimum of 1200 pixels wide. If you can’t tell the type or size, go ahead and send your image and we do our best to reformat the photo. Do be aware that large pictures (digital files) can take time to transfer and should be sent individually in separate emails. And please, no panoramas. Please title your images TLS-2016-Lastname-#.jpg (ie. TLS-2016-Howlett-1.jpg,  TLS-2016-Howlett-2.jpg etc) and email them with "TLS 2016 Member Images" in the subject line to Lars Howlett.


To simplify and streamline the submission process, photo descriptions will only be accepted by completing the Google form. This will help us better track and prepare submissions for sharing at the gathering. Once you have emailed your submission of 1-6 photographs, complete the Google Form where you will be asked the following: 

A) Brief Description of the Image (to confirm photo and info are matched correctly)

B) Name of Site/Venue (ie. Grace Cathedral)

C) Location of Site/Venue (ie. San Francisco, CA)

D) Your Role (designer, builder, caretaker, photographer -- ie. photographer)

E) Labyrinth Name or Type (Chartres Medieval)

Submit the google form and send email attachments NO LATER THAN October 15, 2016.

Labyrinths on the Grounds

Many years at the Annual Gathering, open spaces are provided for laying out temporary labyrinths. We invite members to build temporary labyrinths on the grounds of our Gathering venues. Space typically allows for a limited number. Anyone interested in this opportunity will be asked to submit a request. 

If there is sufficient space, locations may be available for spontaneous labyrinths to make an appearance.

Plan to bring an 8 ½” x 11” laminated sign or a page in a sheet protector to be placed next to your labyrinth. The information should include the name of the labyrinth, your name and, if applicable, the purpose for which the labyrinth was designed.

NOTE:  Builders must bring all their own materials and tools, and are responsible for removing the labyrinth at the end of the Gathering.

If you are certain that you would like to lay out a 'Labyrinth-on-the-Grounds' at the 2016 Gathering, the coordinator for this activity would appreciate receiving the following information about you and your intended labyrinth by October 15th:

Personal: Your name, place of residence, and a brief description of your labyrinth activities.
Proposed Labyrinth: size, type, materials to be used, any special considerations such as electricity needed.

Please complete and submit one of the forms posted below to pre-register your intention to construct a temporary labyrinth on the grounds at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Houston, TX:

2016 Annual Gathering Labyrinths-on-the-Grounds (.doc 74K)

2016 Annual Gathering Labyrinths-on-the-Grounds (.pdf 86K)

If you have questions, contact coordinator, Tom Vetter.