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At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

Top 9 Things That Could Be More Fulfilling Than Volunteering (in any number of ways) Your Time And Talents For The Labyrinth Society!

Neal Harris
Volunteer Coordinator

1.  Finding a cure for cancer.

2.  A date with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (you decide).

3.  Winning the 100 million dollar lottery.

4.  Telling your boss to go take a long walk on a short pier.

5.  Repairing a relationship with someone meaningful.

6.  Being spiritually enlightened.

7.  Maintaining perfect mind-body health.

8.  Eating whatever you want with no adverse health consequences.

9.  Being famous with lots of adoring fans.

So, if you’re not currently working on any of these 9 things, maybe it’s time to volunteer for a heart-centered, uplifting, volunteer organization like TLS?

For information on becoming a volunteer, please visit:

If by chance, you’re not yet a member of the Labyrinth Society, please visit:

If you have any questions, I’m at your service! Contact me here, the Volunteer Coordinator, or by phone at 847-842-1752