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Walk as One at One - World Labyrinth Day Celebration

Bethlehem Centre
2371 Arbot Road
Nanaimo, BC V9R6S9

Bethlehem Centre presents Walk as One at One Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at 1:00 PM at 2371 Arbot Road in celebration of World Labyrinth Day.

Join us for our community labyrinth walk hosted by Holly Carnegie-Letcher.

All are welcome to attend.
Admission is by donation.

Simultaneously all over the globe, communities will be walking labyrinths at 1 pm joining in peaceful world-wide harmony and unity.

Following the 1 pm walk, well-known Nanaimo labyrinth author Carol Matthews will introduce participants as host to the Godden Finger Labyrinth Collection. Langley, BC’s late Bill Godden crafted over 3000 finger labyrinths. His interest in labyrinths began in his 70’s and continued until his death at age 91 on March 7th, 2016. Godden selflessly donated each of his finger labyrinths to others at no cost. The beautifully crafted wooden labyrinths are distributed all over the world in various countries. Open to the public in the beautiful woodlands located on Westwood Lake at Bethlehem Centre, the Godden Labyrinth Collection is also worth visiting for some reflective in-the-moment meditation. Since 430 BC, labyrinths have been based upon a single path that always returns to the center, whereas a winding maze most often has multiple paths leading to trickster dead-ends.

Walking the labyrinth is a centering, calming experience that offers a tranquil meditation in motion, always returning to the balanced center. Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity and can be useful for problem-solving, conflict resolution, meditation, and modern-day pilgrimage. Join us at Walk as One at One for the unique calming transformative experience of walking the labyrinth together as one on Saturday, May 5th. Bring comfortable walking shoes for a peaceful day of reflection and unity. End of the day refreshments will be served following the presentation on the Godden Finger Labyrinth Collection with Carol Matthews.

For more information about World Labyrinth Day, please visit the Labyrinth Society website at
To learn more about the outdoor labyrinth and The Godden Finger Labyrinth Collection or Bethlehem Centre, please visit the centre website at or telephone (250) 754-3254.