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Living Labyrinths for Peace, Inc. Celebration & Fundraising Event

Sedona Unity Church
65 Deer Trail Dr,
Sedona, AZ 86336

Living Labyrinths For Peace (A TLS Special Project) and Sandra Wasko-Flood (a TLS Founding Member) invite you to a Celebration and Fundraising event on Saturday September 29 at Sedona Unity Church.

Enjoy a Lecture and Demo, Potluck Lunch, Concert with Musicians, Raffle Prizes, Art Auction, Poetry Reading, and a beautiful walk on the church’s outdoor garden labyrinth.

All donations are tax deductible.

Let us Live Labyrinths for Peace!

Living Labyrinths For Peace are building a Multi-Media Labyrinth Peace Museum in Sedona, Arizona based on my visionary experience in the Great Kiva, Casa Rinconada, of Chaco Nature National Historical Park, New Mexico. There Sandra saw peaceful dancers of all races, cultures, and beliefs, peacefully ascending an underground spiral staircase, doing a labyrinth dance on the Kiva floor, and ascending a spiral under a space dome to the skies. The goal is to build a Labyrinth Peace Museum where you can choose the labyrinth design you want to walk to project on the floor, surround images of where you want to walk, and overhead images in an astronomical dome. Bring your own images or choose from a selection of images and music for occasions of your choice: birthdays, marriages, funerals, equinoxes, holidays and more.

For more information visit or email Sandra