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Veriditas Finger Labyrinth Meditation Webinar Series WLD Event

The 5th Veriditas Virtual Finger Walk Webinar was held on Saturday, May 2 (Sunday in Australia/Asia) in conjunction with World Labyrinth Day. Hosted by the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress and facilitated by Veriditas Faculty Member, Lars Howlett, this walk was a huge success. If you missed this event due to other in person or virtual events already scheduled, you can listen to the recording on YouTube via the Veriditas website.

Also, there will continue to be weekly virtual finger labyrinth walks via registration on the Veriditas homepage. You must register to access the Zoom site for each week.

Veriditas will be continuing their series indefinitely throughout the 2020 summer. Please go to the Veriditas website to find the correct dates and times.