Who We Are

Lynda Tourloukis

TLS 365 Experience Coordinator

Lynda Tourloukis enjoys a career in developing the human potential. Her work in Leadership and Management are the grounding principles that led her to a professional practice of Guidance and Coaching for almost two decades. Her in-depth explorations, studies and research in the fields of laughter and play afford her a variety of perspective in approaching behavior, emotion, and both personal and professional development. This lends a broad outlook where the labyrinth is concerned as she has developed purpose oriented permanent and canvas labyrinths, insightful programs for individual, group and global community development and artistic graphic labyrinth designs for education and appreciation. Finding many uses for the labyrinth in the field of development, Lynda has been the active Chair for the 365 Club since 2011 and the innovator of the new inclusive 365 Experience.