Who We Are

Teri McCorkle

Membership Coordinator

Teri discovered labyrinths from a friend in the mid-90s in Carmel Valley, CA. Upon moving to Roseville, CA in 2002, she built her own labyrinth in her back yard and it became a centerpiece for workshops conducted from her home and is listed in the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator for the enjoyment of others. She joined TLS in 2017 and presented at the 2017 TLS Gathering at Bainbridge Island, WA on the topic of “Labyrinth Creation with the Earth Ones.” She is a PMO Director in Corporate Tax with Oracle. She is passionate about combining left-brain corporate skills with right-brain spiritual intuition creating a balanced approach and perspective. She has utilized labyrinths in her corporate work for problem solving conversions, down-sizing, mission development and overall personal and spiritual growth. In 2018, she participated in Lisa Moriarty’s Paris-Chartres Pilgrimage, an incredible experience of a lifetime.