Who We Are

Bluma Acocella

Membership Coordinator

Bluma Acocella has worked as an Early Childhood Director and elementary school teacher for over 30 years. She is a NJ certified Nursery through 8th grade teacher, and also holds a NJ Art Teacher Grades 1-12 certification.


When she discovered the teachings of Waldorf education; combining spiritual components and a love of the natural world with a developmentally and soul fulfilling curriculum that led her down a seeker's path.


Bluma pursued certification from the Waldorf Handwork Teacher Training program at the Fibercraft Studio in Chestnut Ridge, NY. The therapeutic side of working in natural materials with healing intentions to create beauty filled, useful works of art deeply resonated with her inner quest to be a source of light.

Throughout Bluma Acocella's life the labyrinth has appeared and reappeared as a symbol of myth and folklore but also as a gesture of the unknown, the mysteriousm and magickal. After a Greek Mythology lesson on The Minotaur and the Labyrinth, Bluma sought to transform the labyrinth for her students into a meditative tool of reflection, peace and healing. She strives to enliven the students' work in Sacred Geometry, Sustainable Landwork, and History as they research, design, plan and create a walking labyrinth for the school and public use.


Bluma enjoys sharing the light of the labyrinth with all as the TLS Membership Coordinator.