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TLS 365 Experience #115
June 23, 2017

LABYRINTH DESIGN ON CHALK BOARDBefore my students arrived for the day, I would draw a design in the corner of the chalkboard and periodically during the day I might need to stop and review; so that I might be more present for my students. I would sit back and let my eyes do the walking, follow the path and just in that few moments, I found myself transported.

I used to come in and draw it in the center of the board and finger walk the outline of my day or set up intentions for it. Though I discovered it useful when I put it in the corner with the daily assignments and notes. I later alerted my inquiring students as to what it was so they could take a moment when they needed and do the same. Now it is just a fixture and expected part  of our day.

With a switch to whiteboards, I find the white chalk appeared to have more depth and easier eye flow on the black board.

Today's Experience submitted by:
A. Marie, Educator, Labyrinth Enthusiast


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