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Offering products, workshops and services that engage the mind, while enriching the soul.

26402 N. Edgemond Lane, Barrington, IL 60010, USA  •  (847) 842-1752
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Relax4Life was founded in 1998 and offers labyrinth meditation products and educational workshops in energy healing, stress management and much more.  Located in Barrington, Illinois, we provide a tranquil, nature-rich, fragrance, chemical and smoke-free environment for optimal learning.

We offer a variety of wood and highly durable and colorful plastic finger labyrinths in single and double designs, manuals for creating your own outdoor labyrinths, labyrinth blankets and other labyrinth-related gift items. Our products are both high quality and affordable. On our website you'll find a Labyrinth Resources section complete with free downloads of paper finger labyrinths and many other useful offerings and information.

Relax4Life Finger LabyrinthFinger Labyrinths

Finger Labyrinths, that you trace with your finger, function in much the same way as a full-size walking labyrinth (to further relaxation, meditation and prayer), except that the user traces the path to the center using their finger rather than their feet. For many, this combination of movement (tracing the path) with introspection (eyes closed), is a more relaxing way to meditate or pray. For those whose meditation or devotional practice seems demanding or sporadic, finger labyrinths provide a unique way to bring renewed vitality and meaning to these activities. On the back is a notch for hanging, as well as engraved suggestions for use. View our full range of finger labyrinths »

Relax4Life Create Your Own LabyrinthCreate Your Own Walking Labyrinth

For over 20 years, Neal Harris of Relax4Life has been creating walking labyrinths for churches, hospitals, schools, parks, and individuals. He has developed step-by-step manuals for those individuals and groups who'd like to create their own walking labyrinths, available for Roman, Classical/Cretan, and Simple Chartres designs. With the purchase of any of these affordable manuals, he offers 1 year of complimentary phone or e-mail consultation. More information »

Relax4Life miniPaths®miniPaths®

miniPaths® are small, hand-held labyrinths, inlaid in plastic or wood that are traced with a stylus. These are miniature replicas of our larger single finger labyrinth designs. A miniPath® functions in much the same way as a full-size walking labyrinth (to further relaxation, meditation & prayer). They're designed to fit in a pocket, purse, briefcase or sit on a desktop. Whether at home or work, miniPaths® are ready to use anytime for greater relaxation, personal focus and guidance. Included with your miniPath® are a stylus, carrying pouch and directions. Available in various designs »

Relax4Life Reversible Labyrinth BlanketsReversible Labyrinth Blanket

This unique and beautiful, all cotton, woven, 2-sided tapestry blanket has a Chartres labyrinth design in dark purple against a creme-colored background on one side and the reverse side has just the opposite color configuration. Measures 46" x 67". More details »