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Labyrinths - Finger

  • Celtic Art Store
    P.O. Box 2997 Crestine, CA 92325 USA

    Finger Labyrinth Art from the Celtic Art Store. Workbooks, Laminated Cards, Jewelry. Shop Now!

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  • E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH
    PO Box 243 Mechanicsville, PA 18934 USA

    One of a kind, versatile finger labyrinth.
    Decorative and functional. The wide, smooth path allows for easy tracing as you find your way to the center and back. Take anywhere!

  • Harmony Labyrinths
    Taylorsville, UT USA

    Original Labyrinth Designs for meditation and stress management. Many affordable and unique finger labyrinths to choose from. Easily traced with finger, no stylus needed. Mirror-image option, several colors available. 

  • Paths of Peace
    P.O. Box 701, Stillwater, MN 55082-0701 USA
    Phone: 612-747-7446

    From canvas to concrete, Paths of Peace offers great labyrinths! We take pride in working closely to collaborate on the best possible labyrinth for each unique setting. Lisa Gidlow Moriarty brings creativity, artistry and decades of design experience to offering exquisite portable and permanent labyrinths as well as labyrinth products and programming, all available through Paths of Peace.

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  • Relax4Life
    26402 N. Edgemond Lane Barrington, IL 60010 USA
    Phone: 847-842-1752

    For over 20 years, Relax4Life has crafted unique, beautiful, and affordable single and double finger labyrinths in wood and highly durable plastic (with wide, comfortable finger paths for all age groups), hand-sized miniPath® labyrinths, woven cotton labyrinth blankets as well as other labyrinth-related products and gift items. We offer our products throughout the US. We also have a distributor in Canada.

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  • The Embellished Life
    625 Christopher St Plano, IL 60545 USA

    With original and classic designs, deeply spiritual Artist Charlotte Wyncoop evokes symbolism and an immersive experience through shape, color and texture. Shop her unique spherical labyrinths on WayStones and enjoy!

  • Turning Points Labyrinths

    Why choose us? We make high quality 3d printed labyrinths with environmental friendly plastic, and in our own Brooklyn Basement!