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Paths of Peace

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Walkable Art to Soothe the Soul

P.O. Box 701, Stillwater, MN 55082, USA  •  (612) 747-7446
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Lisa Gidlow Moriarty is an advanced certified labyrinth facilitator, designer and owner of Paths of Peace Labyrinths. Services offered include labyrinth design and installation, portable labyrinth sales and rentals, presentations and workshops, retail sales of finger-tracing labyrinths and jewelry. Artistic creativity and spirituality are hallmarks of Lisa's work, be it in the experienced rendering of a historic labyrinth design or creating a unique program for the themed event, school or healthcare setting. Paths of Peace also offers expertly handcrafted wooden labyrinths and exquisite jewelry that help sustain regional artisans. Whether you are shopping for unique gift ideas, planning an event or installing a permanent labyrinth, Paths of Peace can help. 

Every Paths of Peace labyrinth, from canvas to concrete, originates from a personal collaboration guaranteeing a perfect labyrinth for the client's unique needs. We take pride in working closely with the client on every aspect of the project to meld our expertise with the client's vision.


Paths of Peace is proud to offer award-winning permanent labyrinth installations. We specialize in finding the best design and materials for each unique installation and take pride in creating quality labyrinths. Whether you require consultation, site visit or full installation, Paths of Peace provides the expertise to create labyrinths designs for intimate private gardens or large commercial or public locations. Incorporating existing landscape features and materials, careful selection of the labyrinth design and location, and working closely with individuals, committees and volunteers, are important traits of Paths of Peace installations that have a long-standing reputation for precision and beauty. Paths of Peace offers professional planning and design services as well as quality installations in a variety of materials, including crushed granite concrete overlay and bio-based concrete stains. Whether you are seeking a simple mowed labyrinth, a lay-out or stencil pattern, or a commercial installation, contact Paths of Peace to obtain the perfect labyrinth for your unique purpose, budget, and site.


Portable labyrinths are suitable for occasional use, and are easily folded and stored away. Lisa's spiritual artistry renders masterfully painted labyrinths available for purchase or rental. Every Paths of Peace portable labyrinth is made-to-order. We do not carry pre-made labyrinths. Accordingly, our custom-made design service produces portable labyrinths in a wide range of sizes, patterns and colors, for private, commercial and institutional clients. Paths of Peace makes portable labyrinths in classical, medieval and contemporary patterns, and can also work with you to create a unique design. Drawn Only - Paint Yourself labyrinths provide a cost-saving alternative for group projects. Rentals are also available from a collection of over 18 portable labyrinths in a variety of sizes and styles. Contact us with your specific needs and for more details.


Finger labyrinths carved into wood, plastic or molded in pewter, function in much the same way as a full-size walking labyrinth to further relaxation, meditation and prayer. Rather than walking the pattern, the user traces the path with a finger or stylus. Our finely handcrafted wooden labyrinths are made with meticulous detail and Paths of Peace was the first to include the intricate and precise center detailing found in the pavement cathedral labyrinth in Chartres, France. Exclusive designs that are only available through Paths of Peace, include Circle of Peace, Dancing Woman and Chartres Essence. All Paths of Peace wooden labyrinths include a notch on the back for displaying on a wall when not in use. Paths of Peace also offers sterling silver and pewter labyrinth jewelry.


Lisa has been offering labyrinth programming and creating public labyrinths since 1999. She brings creativity and spirituality to her work and takes pride in designing a program or creating the best labyrinth of each unique situation. Her internationally recognized work is the result of extensive international travel, training and research. Lisa can facilitate an open labyrinth walk or weekend retreat. Workshops on creating and building labyrinths are popular and exciting programs that allow participants to paint a personal canvas labyrinth, craft a ceramic finger labyrinth or build a permanent labyrinth onsite while learning skills and sharing ideas. A wide variety of presentations and labyrinth topics ranging from history to use in churches, healthcare or schools. Presentations often include photographic materials and may accompany a walking experience on a canvas labyrinth or co-creating a temporary labyrinth for an event or ceremony. Programs may also educate the wider community, help to keep the interest and use of the labyrinth growing, and incorporate a dedication of a new labyrinth.


Join the annual women's walking pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres in France, consider a spiritual pilgrimage to Ireland, have a local tour custom designed from a selection over 100 public labyrinths in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of MN, or visit Paths of Peace's home location with over a dozen outdoor labyrinths in Stillwater, MN, a popular tourist destination along the St. Croix River. Lisa has vast experience in organizing and leading group experiences related to sacred spaces, spirituality and labyrinths. She enjoys co-creating spiritual pilgrimage adventures near and far.