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177 Country Road PP, Rudolph, WI 54475, USA • (608) 712-9711


Custom Labyrinth Pattern Design

Does your site pose spatial challenges or requirements that could be addressed through a non-traditional labyrinth pattern? Would you like to explore how a custom labyrinth pattern could serve your needs? Every labyrinth is a unique creation but some projects require solutions going beyond the norm. By combining a foundation in design with knowledge of labyrinths and their patterns, Katja creates unique labyrinths inspired by traditional designs or contemporary patterns that reflect your custom needs.

Permanent, Temporary, or Portable Labyrinth Creation/Installation

Are you looking for a permanent labyrinth? In addition to creating custom patterns, Katja makes permanent labyrinths based upon traditional patterns. Maybe a temporary labyrinth is better for your situation. These installations offer valuable "test-experiences" of labyrinth patterns. If you are unsure about which design you prefer, consider making a temporary labyrinth in your space before committing to a permanent installation. Katja will design and install site-specific temporary labyrinths. She also creates portable labyrinths (canvas or other material), or will help you make your own.

Labyrinth Project Management and Environmental Design

The design of spaces holding labyrinths can have a positive or negative impact on the overall experience of that labyrinth. Does your existing labyrinth space need a full upgrade or a small touch? Are you planning a building project that includes a labyrinth? Katja's professional interior design background combined with experience designing, installing, and using labyrinths, provides her with skills and expertise to offer specialized professional design services for your labyrinth space. This can be utilized for existing spaces and for planning new-construction labyrinth projects. If you are working with a team of architects, interior designers, and other contractors, Katja also offers labyrinth project management services to help coordinate between clients and design professionals.

Labyrinth Project Support, CAD Design, and Graphic Presentation

Some projects benefit from professional, computer-drafted labyrinth plans, 3D conceptual models or other forms of graphic presentation to help communicate and promote the project. Katja is able to provide computer-drafted plans, 3D conceptual models, digital and graphic presentations, and animated digital tours of your labyrinth project. These can be extremely helpful in communicating your design for educational, promotional, and fundraising purposes. They can also facilitate the design planning process if you are working with a team of other building professionals by providing information in a format that is seamlessly integrated with other project files.

Labyrinth Facilitation and Presentation

Katja is a Veriditas-trained labyrinth facilitator and is available to help plan and facilitate labyrinth events and special ceremonies using the labyrinth. This is a wonderful way to introduce labyrinths to your community and can provide fun, experiential ways to explore all things labyrinth. Katja is also available to provide lectures, presentations, and lead workshops. As a higher education professional and labyrinth researcher, she has extensive classroom and design studio teaching experience, and has presented labyrinths and other labyrinth-related work in numerous venues to a wide range of audiences.