Mini Sessions

3:30-5:00 PM  EDT  - Mini Sessions 

World Labyrinth Day in Schools…and more than a few Surprises!
Louise Mason
Never pin your hopes on registrations! Numbers do not always indicate the level of commitment or the inspired outcomes! Hear the heart-warming stories of how the World Labyrinth Day in Schools 2021 event unfolded around the globe as school personnel and labyrinth supporters’ dedicated efforts got the momentum happening, and the diverse ways in which they celebrated the day.

Louise Mason lives in Australia and is a Council Member of the Australian Labyrinth Network. Her current work as a Learning Designer evolved from a background spanning many years in Teaching, Training & Development, Coaching, Resource Development for Professional Practice, and Online Learning Facilitation. Her degrees in Teaching and Education come from RMIT in Melbourne and Flinders University in Adelaide
For the past twelve years she has been developing a strong interest in the labyrinth as a tool for experiential learning and much of her current focus is exploring its use in the fields of personal and professional development across education sectors, organizations and community groups. Her labyrinth work with schools includes learning through movement, SEL, and making curriculum connections.

Labyrinth Typology: Overview of Past and Current Research
Presenters: Yadina Clark and Jeff Saward

The study of labyrinth patterns and their underlying structures has developed dramatically during the current labyrinth revival. New labyrinth designs and advances in pattern analysis have necessitated a reassessment of terminology and types. This current research can help to create better quality designs by ensuring correct form and effective pattern components, and will inform updates to The Labyrinth Society's website.

Yadina Clark is a labyrinth artist, educator, facilitator, and researcher. She serves as a board member of The Labyrinth Society and organizer of an international discussion group focusing on current research in labyrinth typology.

Jeff Saward has been recording labyrinths for over 45 years and has administered the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website since its launch in 2004. During that time he has seen many new labyrinths designed and constructed around the world. He is the founding editor of Caerdroia, where many of these developments have been documented.

The Road of Trials: Creating a Sacred Space within an Academic Setting
David Greenwood
This presentation follows the seven-year journey which led to the 2021 installation of the Lakehead University Labyrinth. Topics include: finding a mentor, convening a learning community, enrolling administrative support, fundraising, and perseverance over time. The session will screen a five-minute film on the Labyrinth Learning Community, and comment on what the labyrinth signifies in higher education. 
David Greenwood is Professor of Education at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. His teaching, research, and activism emphasize the environmental humanities and contemplative education.

Play on the Path: Sensory Play with Tactile Finger Labyrinths
Maia Scott and Gleam

Enhance the possibilities of your favorite tactile hand-held labyrinth. Whether you are eight or eighty-eight, infusing intentional play into your meditative practice can prove uplifting and even empowering. In this mini-session, Maia will utilize a tactile labyrinth collection entitled “Finger Walks” to spark inspiration for creative play on the path to delight both yourself and those you serve.  

Maia Scott is an interdisciplinary artist, educator who teaches accessible arts for City College of San Francisco. She loves designing and creating temporary labyrinths and labyrinth inspired art. Her work will be featured this fall in “Art in Disability Culture” at the Palo Alto Art Center. She proposed, co-created and wrote the guidebook for “Finger Walks” produced by the American Printing House for the Blind.