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Our list of Regional Representatives is here to serve you. Regional Reps are TLS members with special passion and interest in helping others connect with our organization. We would enjoy hearing from you! We can help you connect with events, people, resources in your area or on the TLS website.  

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Regional Representatives serve as ambassadors for TLS in their region, state or country. Their primary job is to connect new and existing members and friends of TLS with all that TLS has to offer. There is no limit to the number of Representatives in each area. Specifically, a Regional Representative may do one or more of the following, depending upon their unique skills and interests:

  • Welcome, invite and encourage new members, and help them connect with resources, events and people in their geographic area as well as the global TLS community.
  • Share and update information about regional labyrinths, labyrinth enthusiasts and labyrinth events – via newsletters, emails, and social media.
  • Support and empower others to use the labyrinth as a tool for transformation, community-building, healing through…
    • Stimulating local labyrinth activities and gatherings.
    • Organizing labyrinth tours.
    • Building public labyrinths.
    • Encouraging membership, belonging and volunteerism in the Labyrinth Society, and participation in annual Gatherings, Energy Keepers and the 365 Experience.

The commitment is minimal. Just a small amount of time each month yields great benefits for TLS and the region served. Regional Representatives may spend 1-3 hours per month (or more if they wish!) on TLS responsibilities. For more information, contact the global Regional Representatives Chair. No experience necessary; familiarity with the TLS website, connecting with members and other labyrinth enthusiasts in your region, and attendance at TLS Gatherings is encouraged. Brief training and ongoing resources are provided including the Regional Reps Connect quarterly newsletter, on-line learnings and connections with GoToMeetings, and a private Regional Reps Facebook group.