Special Projects

LNN Labyrinth Festival - Oregon

The Labyrinth Network Northwest received $500 to present the first Labyrinth Beach Festival at Tierra del Mar on the Oregon coast. Denny Dyke of Circles in the Sand drew enormous, beautiful and captivating labyrinths on the beach, attracting many walkers, including families. We also made one out of pinwheels, which the children loved. Presentations were given in a restaurant nearby which was closed for business. It worked well as the LNN provided a pot luck soup and salad supper. Earlier in the day, Kay Kinneavy gave a presentation on the wide variety of labyrinth designs and uses and, in the evening Jodi Lorimer presented a power point talk on the mythic history of the labyrinth. A workshop in the afternoon featured craft projects open to all. This event, it is hoped, will become an annual one, building on this model in the future, perhaps at different beaches to expose the labyrinth to as many beach-goers as possible.  For more info see: The Labyrinth Network Northwest Website