Special Projects

NEVLO Labyrinth of Armone @ Burning Man

Our third project was granted to the NEVLO organization to build the Labyrinth of Armone with a geodesic dome at the center to be erected temporarily at Burning Man in Nevada. One attractive aspect of this project, which met the ‘seed money’ category of Special Projects grants, is the intention of the builder and designer, Gio Coehlo, to continue to build on the project over the next few years. Eventually, he hopes to make it a mobile installation that could be constructed at any event ‘like the TLS Gatherings and other places where labyrinths are (and could be) welcome.’ He hopes to eventually house, in the center dome, a coalition of eco-designers to educate attendees in green and sustainable living.

The building of the project at Burning Man was made a good deal more complicated by the dust storms that plagued the area. However, it did go up and, according to Gio, was a rousing success with thousands of people, including families, walking the labyrinth. He was so inspired that, on the way home, he stopped in Tahoe and a couple of other places to build labyrinths out of local rock. We have only just received a few photos from him as he’s still sorting it all out. However, he has a new studio and is now even more excited, if that is possible, to complete a documentary film and pursue his dream of the finalized Labyrinth of Armone.

View a short Facebook video of the labyrinth at Burning Man.