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Rwanda Special Project

Students walking the Labyrinth

In 2020 The Labyrinth Society provided Susan Murphy with $500.00 for a labyrinth in Rwanda.  Susan had been three times to Rwanda working with Embrace Rwanda (ER) who introduced Susan to Francine Muhawenimana – Coordinator of the Children’s Peace Library which is part of The Transformation Leadership.  Francine was excited to join Susan in this endeavor. 

Indoor labyinth





The vision of the Children’s Peace Library is to see sustainable peace promotion among the children of Rwanda. The Children’s Peace Library opened in 2009, in the Kicukiro neighborhood in Kigali.  They have libraries in Gisenyi and Kanzenze (Rubavu District),  Byumba (Gicumbi District), and Ruhengeri (Musanze District). 

Susan and Francine spent two months on the following labyrinth related events and projects:

The projects we worked on were: 

  • Umuganda and Peace Prayer:  On the last Saturday of the month adult Rwandans come together to do community work.  We worked with the headmaster and children of George Fox School to build a three-circuit labyrinth where the children learned a prayer for peace.  Clive Johnson, RR for UK and Julius Zigama from GAMA Arts joined us on the Saturday
  • Clive, Susan and Francine did a three-day workshop for librarian staff, the coordinator of The Transformation Leadership (David Bucura) and his staff.  The workshop show staff how to build three labyrinths: 3 circuit, reconciliation and ceremonial. We used the ceremonial labyrinth in the evening for a Hero’s Day event – where the headmaster joined us.  Clive created a movie showing the labyrinth in many settings and helped ease translation costs.  We introduced the TLS website, Labyrinth launchpad, and Veriditas websites.  We also made zoom call to TLS volunteers.
  • We made two field visits to libraries outside Kigali
  • Reconciliation labyrinth that could be used for conflict resolution and mediation training hosted by the library whose education approach focuses on effective education: developing character and leadership by linking inner values with everyday actions in interpersonal relationships.
  • Four imigondo finger labyrinths (made from cow dung) were distributed to the various libraries.
  • Afternoon workshop with Grace Rwanda to introduce labyrinth.  We built a 3-circiut labyrinth for the children who walked it while reading books, bouncing balls or playing soccer.  Staff were able to integrate the labyrinth into a game they called “stick”.

Unfortunately, the virus put a halt to the labyrinth activities but they are ready to start again when it is safe. 

Article: Coronavirus and Rwanda’s Children’s Peace Libraries 

Francine Muhawenimana has become Labyrinth Society Regional Rep for Rwanda to help further the growth of Labyrinths in her country!