Special Projects

Rollins College Labyrinth Project

The Rollins Labyrinth Project was a multi-phase effort to provide training and resources on the labyrinth process/experience to students, faculty, staff, and the wider campus community over the span of the academic years of 2018-19, and 2019-20. Its goal was to introduce and educate the campus community to the labyrinth as a vital educational and personal growth reflective experience to enhance learning, both in and out the classroom, as well as contribute to an increased sense of campus wellness through a variety of inclusive and diverse events.

These included an initial half-day educational workshop on the Rollins campus attended by faculty, staff, students, as well as interested community members. In addition, representatives were in attendance from several local colleges and universities, with an interest in labyrinth work on their respective campuses. As part of the lead-up to this program, a series of labyrinth walks and events were held to promote the event.  As a result, a follow-up series of events exploring the use of the labyrinth to build "Beloved Community" were held including a community clergy breakfast, and a series of on-campus/community labyrinth walks scheduled in conjunction with the 2020 MLK Week Events at Rollins College.

The success of this project has begun to generate the development of a network of colleges/universities in Central Florida, and across the state who desire to collaborate and network on labyrinth projects. In addition, a second phase of this project is in progress to extend and expand the initial effort in new directions including creation of media hub resources, virtual labyrinth trainings and events, continued outreach to wider communities as well as the expansion of the network with other Florida colleges/universities interested in labyrinth work. For more information or details on this project, please contact Frank Faine at prayer_bear@msn.com or Katrrina Jenkins, Dean of Religious Life, Rollins College at kejenkins@rollins.edu.