Labyrinths in Places

Labyrinths are found in many places. Some are permanent and some are brought in temporarily for events. The challenge for labyrinth enthusiasts is often how to get permission to introduce a labyrinth into a specific environment. This section of the website examines some of the places where labyrinths may be found, the benefits of having them there, how they are used, and how people were able to install them there in the first place!


The Home Team
Don’t forget the all important benefit your labyrinth will provide you and your employees ….for when the day is over, or before it begins, the peace and tranquility of the labyrinth is there waiting for those intimate moments when no one else is around.

Successful retreat centers, be they small or large, meet the needs and challenges faced by the people who are drawn to them and there is much to be gained from the addition of a labyrinth in your retreat space….both for you and yours on a personal as well as business level and of course the lucky ones that visit and share that space with you and your labyrinth.

Visitors and Guests
Aside from the obvious benefits a labyrinth can provide a retreat space, many new labyrinth lovers can be spawned from one single personal experience. You may never be fully aware of how many circumstances of “paying it forward” may be the result of one persons experience on your labyrinth.

Many special programs can be developed around the labyrinth, allowing you to find an abundant array of ways to serve the needs of your community and guests. Local charities are marvelous benefactors when fund raisers are held utilizing the labyrinth along with some wonderful exposure for your retreat center as an added bonus.

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself located in an area where you are the only labyrinth or even one of only a handful, working with your local chamber and tourism association can be a win win situation for both enterprises in the form of a “place of local interest.”